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6 Chase-approved hangouts in Amsterdam

After checking out several Chase-approved hangouts in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent,… it's finally time to cross the border! The trip brought us to lovely Amsterdam, where we picked our 6 favourite spots. From breakfast to dinner, we covered it all. So if you're a little in over your head and you can't seem to make a choice, this is the go-to guide for you!

Text by Laura Disaronno, Photos by Lubasja Margarita, English translation by Ruth Bouillon



MOOK Pancakes 

If you're a real sucker for American pancakes, Mook pancakes truly is the place to be! This place offers superb home made pancakes with several yummy toppings. From sweet to savoury, the amount of options is insane. And if you're a fresh juice lover, we've got even more good news as the menu even contains delicious milkshakes and fresh fruit and veggie smoothies. Even interior design adepts can fully embrace the relaxing mood in the cosy, yet minimalist interior.

De Clercqstraat 34




After this tasty breakfast, we have worked up quite the shopping appetite! Amsterdam is thé Walhalla for second hand apparel, so you can absolutely not miss out on Episode thriftshop ! Episode harbours an enormous collection of second hand designer clothing. From Fila to Adidas, bomberjack to baseball cap, it's all there. It does take some browsing before you stuble upon that one unique piece, between all those heaps and racks of clothing. But trust us when we say it'll all be worth while in the end. Amsterdam has five Episode stores, so you can absolutely go wild. 

Niewe Spiegelstraat 61, Berenstraat 1, Waterlooplein 1, Spuistraat 96 en Prinsengracht 570 




And guess what, all that shopping has made us hungry again! Time for a quick snack pitstop at PepperMango ice cream parlour. If you fancy some delicious home made ice cream, biscuits or macarons in the wackiest flavours, this is where you need to be. To top it all off, the ice cream and chocolate are made entirely out of fairtrade products. Tasty, cosy and at a fair price to boot!

Rozengracht 35



Daily Paper

When in Amsterdam, one can of course not skip Daily Paper. This Amsterdam streetwear collective already has an established webshop, but recently opened their very own brick-and-mortar shop. We were lucky enough to be able to attend its grand opening. Daily Paper is mostly known for its unique trends, fun prints and quality fabrics. All collections are exclusively for men, but are equally worn by girls as well. Fashion with a considerable price tag, but you'll definitely get top quality in return! 

Bilderdijkstraat 131




Amsterdam contains an abundace of burger joints, but we can't guarantee they'll all be as amazing as this one! Thrill Grill 's burgers are some of thé best burgers in town. The shop doesn"t only offer the classic burgers, but even more so burgers with a twist. Think burgers with pork, fish or even a vegetarian alternative. The fabulous seasoned fries with a dash of homemade mayonaise, complete the appetizing menu. And don't worry, even this place offers homemade ice cream for dessert. So absolutely worth checking out!

Gerard Doustraat 98



And no, we didn't forget about the coffee shops. If you're keen on discovering Amsterdam to the fullest, a visit to a coffee shop is a must on your city trip schedule. We tried out some green over at Dampkring. A super cosy and relaxing coffee shop, decked out in that retro vibe from head to toe. A perfect spot if you're tired of shopping in the busy Haarlemmer area. The shop doesn't only have a wide range of 420, but also offers actual coffee, muffins and snacks. Enjoy! 

Haarlemmerstraat 44


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