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Postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK

Always dreamed of being an online creator, up-to-date on the newest narrative media? Check out this English-taught postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. This program aims at creatives who want to explore what the internet has to offer and what they can contribute to it in audio, video, photo and text. The key part? Learning how to tell stories on social media in only one year! Experts from all over the world will teach you how to be a top-notch creator. Think vlogging, blogging, social video, podcasting and social photography. Next to that, we also dive deeper into concepts such as transmedia, crossmedia, storytools, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

  • Are you in your last year and on your way to achieve a bachelor or master’s degree?
  • Do you want to gain practical experience and improve your opportunities to get an amusing job?
  • Do you want to make actual stuff instead of constantly being theoretical?
  • Are you a journalist, copywriter, marketeer or communication officer?
  • Are you a freelancer or employed, but in need of some personal advancement?
  • Do you want to upskill and get a further training in digital storytelling?
  • Are you currently working in an artistic or creative industry?
  • Do you have a personal project, but in need of some extra knowledge about digital media?
  • Do you want to become a digital creator or storyteller?


Applying is easy, but only possible for those who already achieved a bachelor or master’s degree. Some experience in photo, video, text or audio is a big bonus, but it’s not a must-have. You’ll get the hang of it in the weekly studio exercises. After sending in a registration and motivation, you’ll have a talk with the program’s coördinator to discuss your ideas and your work. If the talk is positive, you can start and kick the programme!

This postgraduate is the best choice if you want to refine your skills in storytelling, in finding an online audience (and reaching them) and if you want to sharpen your digital skills. You will be trained and inspired to create and spread your story by using the newest media tools.


Already convinced by all of this? The programme only takes up a single academic year and consists of 39 ECTS credit points, which mean you can still continue in your job or projects. Register and jump into these five training modules:

  • Inspiration in Digital Storytelling
  • Experiment in Digital Storytelling
  • Digital Storytelling in audio, video, photo and text
  • Internship
  • Personal Story

The first three are a combination of lectures and practical assignments that you work on during studio time. The last two consist of extremely useful and extensive practical assignments. You’ll have to develop a project that provides an answer to a realistic issue that can come from any number of social sectors. You’ll intern in Belgium or any other country between 20 and 40 days. Finally, you’ll develop your own personal graduation project under the guidance of professional media coaches.

Classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings and during the day on Thursday from October till March. From then on, you'll do an internship and you’re free to continue working on your graduation project. Next to all of this, we promise you enough time to maintain a social life! You’ll have weekly assignments that equal a day’s work more or less. During the year, there are 5 of these. The tuition fee is 2950 euro.


There’s a high demand for professional digital storytellers (which comes as no surprise, as stories are perfectly suited to tell a message). This is a highly practical training so you don’t need to study 400 random pages in a textbook. Having completed it, you are ready for the creative digital media sector. Either in your own media production company, as a content specialist for a larger organisation or as a creator of your own artistic stories for an online audience. If you have any questions, please contact Pieter Blomme ( who is the programme’s coordinator. This postgraduate programme is a collaborative initiative of KASK School of Arts and Chase.


Lance Weiler (Columbia School of Arts Digital Storytelling Lab, USA)
Domien Huyghe (Independent film producer, BE)
Brecht Vaes (digital Studio Brussel, BE)
Klasien van de Zandschulp (UX Artist, NL)
Mark Meeuwenoord (Polymorf, NL)
Dries Depoorter (independent internet artist, BE)
Nienke Huitinga & Lisa Weeda (transmedial artists, NL)
Yann Bertrand (photographer, BE)
Anneleen Ophoff (VRT, BE)
Wim Forceville (VR-expert, Fisheye, BE),
Sven De Coninck & Jan D’hont (Chase Creative, BE)
Niels ‘t Hooft (hybrid writer, NL)
Laure Cops & Wouter Vanmol (Nunam interactive narratives, BE)
Filip Fastenaekels (VRT, BE)
Raphael Rodan (Mezrab Storytelling School, NL)
Barbara Dzikanowice (Happiness Content Agency, BE)
Tim Vanhaecke & Sacha Claes (Chase, BE)
Georgio Copter (Snapchat & Instagram creator, USA)
Nick Hannes (Magnum Photography Award Winner, BE)
Katharina Smets (independent audio storyteller, BE)
Maggie Beidelmann (senior producer en video journalist AJ+ , USA)
Vincent Schroeven (Hurae, BE)
Eveline Lemahieu (Vidsome, BE)
Sandra Gaudenzi (!F Lab, Universiteit van Westminster, i-Docs, UK)
Bert Dries (aka Musketon) (graphic designer, Musketon, BE)

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