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The Norwegian Hip Hop Artists Everyone Should Know

Nowadays, you can no longer find real vikings in Norway, but there are some talented hip hop artists! Little is known about the Norwegian hip hop scene. That’s why Chase asked a local for an update on what is happening in the Norwegian urban music scene. Adrian Nyhammer Olsen sums up five Norwegian artists we should all know and follow. 

Source: Adrian Nyhammer Olsen

Picture: Øystein Grutle Haara


Lars Vaular

The West-Coast city of Bergen has one of the strongest emerging hip hop scenes in Norway, but Lars Vaular stands as one of the veterans of the Bergen scene. Originally starting with a more hood-like, gangsta style, he has lately grown into more experimental R&B tunes. With his 2015 album collection 666 ALT GIR MENING (666 Everything Makes Sense), he's shown the versatility of his production skills, ranging from egocentric classic hip hop, fuck-you-i’m-the-best kind of tunes as 'Stilen' (The style), to his grown-up worries song 'Runaway Deathcar' written after he had his first kid.


Hester V75

The young lads from Hester V75 have become ‘kind of’ famous' artists during the last year. After three self-produced EPs of mediocre quality in 2014 and early 2015, they showed what they are capable of with the song ‘Secta’.  Underneath the unpretentious lyrics about women, beer and friendship, lays the foundation for the hype. Mostly praised by teenage girls, but also by some of the more influential voices in Norway’s hip hop scene. This summer they are playing some major festivals in Norway, amongst them Slottsfjell, and soon the collective will release their fourth EP.



Sushi X Kobe

The hip hop duo Sushimane and Kobe wan-kenobi started as what looked like a project just for fun – however, after some time they became one of the most interesting projects in Norway. The lyrics provide direct, sexual, half-disgusting lines like "I brought her home and put her in my bed. I lured off her pants, and found a swimming pool" in 'Tenker feil' (Thinking wrong). Although it raises some eyebrows, rumour has it some of it is true.



King Skurk One

One of the newest additions to the Norwegian hip hop scene is King Skurk One, originating from the hip hop collective 501 Brekk Boys. Thugs at night, labourers by day, King Skurk One and 501 Brekk Boys always provide a good party, as well as getting the trend of VonDutch caps back in the game in Norway. "Just wait, Belgium. It will come", Adrian says.



Oscar Blesson

Described as the Jay Z of Norway, this kid (born 1996) from one of the hoods of Norway, Holmlia, takes it back to the real deal. Rapping in front of a Mercedes Benz, spitting the lines of 'Dead Presidents', Oscar Blesson manifests himself as the most interesting English rapping hip hop artist in Norway. The flow he provided at the music industry circle jerk festival Bylarm in Oslo is promising good times for English language hip hop in Norway in the Future. Gimme The Loot!



Chase recommendation: Ivan Ave

According to Chase, there is one artist missing in this Norwegian list: Ivan Ave. The mc who is linked tot Jakarta Records has put the Norwegian scene on the map. He reaches a big and international audience because of his English rhymes. Ivan Ave really has an old school sound, that’s probably because Mndsgn produces most of his beats.

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