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4 reasons why Casey Neistat is an awesome storyteller

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you must have heard of Casey Neistat. Even if you don’t know him, you’ve probably seen one of his video’s that went viral, like this one about bike lanes in New York City.


We give you 4 reasons why Casey Neistat is such an awesome storyteller:


Casey knows what makes a great story

Casey is a great example of the selfmade man. He started with nothing, dropping out of highschool. At that point in his life, Casey found out that he wanted to be a filmmaker. He started making movies using a simple home videocamera. When he did a video about Apple’s new iPod, complaining the battery sucked and couldn’t be replaced, he went viral for the first time. In the years that followed Casey made numerous videos that got him more and more media attention. Movies like ‘’bike lanes’’ and ‘’bike thief’’. ​In his video’s he always manages to find topics that are really relevant to his viewers and to talk about those topics in the most authentic way.


Casey knows how to engage his followers

But the thing that made Casey as famous as he is now, are his daily vlogs. About a year ago Casey started these because he wanted to be creative again. He wanted to make a movie every day, telling people about his life and the things he wanted to share with the world. His vlogs are these happy, upbeat, daily episodes that people fell in love with. They are visually attractive, have a lot of wit, authenticity and are simply just great short stories, that make people come back to his channel every day.

Casey is a skilled videographer

Even though he started with a home videocamera, nowadays his video’s are filmed with the best possible gear, and he’s always testing out new stuff in the process. Sometimes breaking camera’s and iPhones as he goes along. Right now he is a trendsetter in the vlogging world. His gear, his timelapses, his waving in front of the camera, his mailtime, his Q&A, the list is endless… And everyone is copying it or using it in their own way.


Casey is an entrepreneur​

In the beginning of his career, Casey worked with his brother Van Neistat. After selling their show ‘’The Neistat Brothers’’ to HBO for 2 million dollars, they each went their own way. Casey continued making movies for brands like Nike, J Crew, Vogue and Mercedes. And these brands aren’t chosen at random. Casey knows exactly who he wants to be to the outside world and wich brands fit his internet personality, like Boosted boards for example. And he even started his own brand called Beme, a social media app that let’s you share short, pure, untouched videos with the world.

When we talk about today’s influencers, Casey Neistat is a force to be reckoned with. He is unstoppable at the moment.

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