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Why so many Belgians visit Balaton Sound in Hungary

It's been a week since the end of the Zamárdi-based festival Balaton Sound. Even though our Chase team was in Hungary for an entire week, the amount of Belgians at this yearly electronic music gathering made sure we did not feel homesick. On the second day of the festival, there was even a stage called “Belgians Do It Better”. Besides that, there were the Belgian flags that could be spotted all over the campground. During concerts of artists such as Oscar and The Wolf those flags could be seen waving in the air, a sight which made our photographer Jennifer Kestelyn and reporter Erkut Gultekin feel as if they were in their home country instead of one thousand four hundred kilometres away.

Our Chase team decided to randomly pick five Belgians and ask them some questions about the festival. This way, we wanted to avoid being too subjective and present a somewhat more generalized opinion of the Belgians at Balaton Sound.

Text by Erkut Gultekin, photos by Jennifer Kestelyn

My friend begged me to come here
The first person that our team talked to was Margot (19). It was her first time at Balaton Sound and she came along after her friends kept begging her. While she wasn’t a gigantic fan of the music, she found the festival’s atmosphere somewhat unique. The thing she liked most besides the ambience was the food. When we asked her what one should definitely not forget at this festival she answered: “Your air mattress to float on the Balaton Lake during the day.”   


Take a swim anytime of the day
The twenty-one-year-old Marie was the second Belgian we had a chat with. When she was young, her cousin used to visit this festival almost every year, which made her curious. She liked Balaton Sound so much last year that she wanted to come back. Marie decided to come to the festival with a group of friends by car. That way they had a chance to visit Budapest as well, a city she fell in love with. 

She liked the fact that there were various genres of music and different kinds of food. Marie found the concept of partying nearby a lake amazing since she could go for a swim anytime of the day. When we asked her about the essential thing one should not forget, she said with a smile: “Nothing, you can literally buy anything at the camping shop here.”


Beach during the day, party by night
The third and fourth persons we talked to were Yves (24) and Lisel (19). Yves got his ticket as a gift from his brother and Lisel did not want him to go alone. They liked the Balaton Sound experience a lot. They expected less D.J. sets and more live bands, however. The lake made it possible for them to have a beach vacation during the day and go party by night. They thought there was a wide variety of food choices and that it was all rather cheap. Sunscreen and earplugs are the essentials you should not forget according to this couple.


Bungee jump
Finally, the last Belgian we interviewed was Tomas. It was the first time at Balaton for this twenty-one-year-old, who was convinced to come by a friend of his who visited the festival last year. He compared the festival with a fun fair since there was so much one could enjoy other than just the music. One could even go bungee jumping if he/she wanted to. 

Tomas is a fan of house music, a genre he heard a lot at the festival. He liked the food as well, though according to him there was not enough variation. He liked the atmosphere at the camping a lot but apparently it got too hot in his tent. And lastly, the one thing you should not forget according to this Belgian was a party tent (so you won't melt in the sun).

We hope you enjoyed reading the opinions of these five Belgians at this year’s edition of the Hungarian festival. And if they succeeded in convincing you, we’ll see you at Balaton Sound 2018!

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