Chase Creative

Chase is a community of digital storytellers out to explore urban life. We empower digital storytellers to create engaging stories that kickstart cultural and social change.

Chase Creative is our team of experts in modern storytelling techniques. We use the same power of our network ànd innovative expertise as in our editorial work with one goal: to create captivating and efficient digital stories for marketeers.

Make our talent work for you in our advertising and content services:


We tell stories

The time of large scale broadcast-like communication has ended. Consumers are looking for a more meaningful relationship with brands and products. Not only do they want to interact with your brand, they want to hear and feel your story. Most of all the consumer wants trustworthy voices delivering them the authentic experience of what you do. And that is where we come in.

Chase creative tells stories that know how to affect your potential customers in a positive and effective manner. Needless to say that the very best of our content and campaigns is aimed at Millennials and Generation Z. But we know how to appreciate the challenge of communicating to other audiences also.  

Digital is our playground

Our community is always online and browsing the pulse of social media. We constantly experiment with new modes of storytelling in the ever changing chaos of digital platforms. In order to guarantee quality and efficiency in our community we collaborate with REC. on dedicated training programs with specialists of YouTube, Facebook, AJ+ …