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Internship at Chase

What is Chase?

Chase is a community of digital storytellers out to explore urban life. We empower digital storytellers to create engaging stories that kickstart cultural and social change.

What does Chase do?

We make inspiring urban stories adapted to an online audience: short and interactive videos, videostreams, Facebook photo albums… shared throughout the community. Everything is spread via Chase channels in four content verticals: urban music, lifestyle, digital innovation and society.


Chase makes use of the powers of the world wide web to track down stories, (re-)tell these stories and share them with the whole community. To this end Chase invests in and supports every individual storyteller in the community. They come together online or in the Chase hubs in four cities to produce their story. Chase is always on the lookout for concepts and influential people/events/bands/brands/… that deserve to have a bigger audience and actively helps in getting the word out.

Looking for an internship?

We are regularly looking for interns who can join our team for a longer period (minimum of 6 weeks). After you have completed the form below, we screen your application and let you know if we invite you for an interview. We expect our interns to be eager to learn, independent, tech-savvy and are especially keen to do much work and enjoy the work. You will be guided by professionals and get as much feedback as possible. Interest and knowledge in at least one of our main themes (urban music, lifestyle, digital and society) is necessary!