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Chase is a community of digital storytellers exploring urban life. Members of the Chase community cover citylife in urban music, lifestyle, digital and society and some of these stories reach millions of people a month. Chase creators are trendsetters first, with a firm online credibility and authenticity. Their influence reaches beyond the immediate reach of their stories.

Members of the Chase community love to work with you.  Our digital stories offer the possibility to successfully integrate your message in the life of millennials and/or your customers. 

Here you can join forces with them to tell your story on our Chase - channels. Or you can choose to let them help you tell your story on your own digital channels. Check some of our video below.  

What do we have to offer:

Testimonials of happy customers are a good way to convince potential new ones. Impress potential clientele in a personal way.


Events are inspiring highlights but are so fleeting. Show the absent they were wrong.


Campaign messages are much more to the point when accompanied by moving images. Make sure to appeal to your audience!


Minidocumentaries are a great way to get across your story both sincerely and in depth.


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