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10 “Nevertheless she persisted” Tattoos To Empower Your Inner Feminist

No one could have foreseen how many people would be inspired by the persistence of the American senator Elizabeth Warren. Her refusal to stay silent became a very empowering message for women and minorities. In the last weeks alone, hundreds of American women visited local tattoo parlours to get their own version of “Nevertheless she persisted” tatted. They proudly share their ink on social media, as well as memes, drawings, cross stitch works, t-shirts and other items with that small, but oh so powerful sentence.

Main photo by Jefferson Wheeler from Star Tribune, text by Chess Teugels


Earlier this month, Elizabeth Warren was told to silence her opinion during the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Trump's new Attorney General. Warren is against Trump's plan to ban all immigrants and wanted to read out a letter from 1968 by Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, in which she warned about the behaviour of Sessions. Warren however refused to silence her voice and that of Coretta. Once outside, she spread her message to the public nonetheless. Her video was shared on social media accompanied by the now world-famous quote of  the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she persisted.” In the meantime, this particular quote has grown out to be a new battle cry for women. Women that fight for their voice to be heard and respected. The battle cry resounds not only in America, but all over the world.


Interested in boosting your own inner feminist with such an aesthetic pièce de resistance? We lined up 10 different designs for your inspiration:


You could keep it subtle with a small tattoo on the side of your foot.


Include a minimalistic portrait of Elizabeth Warren for an extra politically engaged touch.



It's working. #resist

Een bericht gedeeld door Cyndi Hoelzle (@cyndihoelzle) op

Or get a more visible one on your underarm, perfect to easily make a statement when necessary.



New tattoo as a birthday present to myself #neverthelessshepersisted #elizabethwarren #tattoo

Een bericht gedeeld door Miranda (@mrndatbh) op

Or maybe a vertical one in a handwriting style lettertype is more your thing?



"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." #neverthelessshepersisted

Een bericht gedeeld door Krysta Fitzpatrick-Sceviour (@mentallyillest) op

Adding a simple banner can give a small tattoo a cute old-school look.



impulsivity for a cause #neverthelessshepersisted #tattoosforplannedparenthood

Een bericht gedeeld door caylie rae kalmbach (@caylierae) op

You could also drop the “nevertheless” to turn it more into a personal reminder.



Story time. Last summer I played a show in the middle-of-no-where, Minnesota when a guy yelled out at me "SHOW US YOUR TITS, WOMAN" in the middle of one of my songs. The whole bar (made up of mostly white dudes) laughed at him. I often wear this *blunt AF* T-shirt when on tour because of said moment. Yesterday, I got this lil tat (yeah that lil thing on my leg) with around 100 other women as a reminder that we women (gender nonconforming, queer, and trans* women included) can not be silenced, even when drunk dudebros are screaming obscenities at us. So, cheers to the many females who have persisted before me, are currently persisting, and will continue to persist for the years to come amongst the patriarchal nonsense we have to experience every day. Lastly, many thanks to @noraborealis and @brassknuckletattoostudio for hosting a killer event that raised almost $4000 for @womenwinning. The resistance is female!

The upper leg is a good place to make a statement as well. You'll certainly get the message across in the summer!


When you’re going for a more eye catching piece, you might as well get a floral arrangement or other decoration around it.


Maybe this more subtle flower design in the form of the female sex symbol is more up your alley?



She Purr-sisted! Made at @thedolorosatattoo . #tattoosforplannedparenthood #neverthelessshepersisted

Een bericht gedeeld door Christina Hock (@xinaxiii) op

This old-school cat paw is just “purrfect” for the feminist cat lovers among us.


… Orrrrrrr you could just get yourself a t-shirt of course. It’s up to us, ladies!

But whatever you choose, let's keep on persisting.

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