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10 New Belgian Hip-Hop Tracks You Should Check Out

If this heatwave isn't making you sweat, we got a list filled to the brim with the hottest local hip-hop tracks. So turn those windows down and the volume up, because this is a playlist to cruise to!

Nico - Morgen (Feat. Astro)

If you can listen to this chorus and not feel like you should be drinking cocktails on a beach, you need to visit a doctor. We're serious, they have medication for that. Nico and Astro got that golden combo and we're glad they do!

DVTCH NORRIS - Toothpick (ft. Bhavi)

DVTCH NORRIS never disappoints. Bhavi doesn't either. So the reason why we haven't posted this track yet remains one of the greatest unresolved mysteries of our time. We're sorry, now play this banger!

Simpel - Ogen Open (Prod. Colo)

Chase isn't just one of those platforms that reposts the same 5 artists every week. This underground raw sound is something we can easily vibe to. And if you do too, we should become friends.

Lenny ft. Lotfi - DOWN (Prod. by MelloVibez)

This song has got us saving up money to buy a boat. Just so we can listen to this song while the waves are crashing and the sun is burning on our face. Get that sunscreen ready, this is heat!

Cisko - Hopeloos

Our man Cisko is feeling a little hopeless, but let us tell you, if you make fly tracks like this... there's no reason for that. Sweet lord, we need a lot more where this came from.

Luie Louis - Brak & Boos (Prod. Toolbox)

Antwerp is the city when it comes to knowing waddup. This track is so relevant, we wonder why it's not reading the news after it's done playing. Wham, bam, thank you Louis.

Glenn DeVree - Laat Me (Prod. by Pheelin)

We can't leave this bangin' track out. Laat Me is one of the tracks on Glenn's recently released EP, Alles Of Nada. Smooth, silky and sweet! Interesting fact: the clip is made by one of our Chase team members Eleni Valor Lopez.

Scottie x Crooks - Lifestyle

Scottie from Eigen Makelij made a track with Dutch hiphop Legend Crooks and Danny Verstraeten isn't talking about it? The world is not a fair place. Great job! Great track!

Vally Rose - Verder Dan De Maan

The scene needs more femcees. Vally Rose is new to us, but let's hope she keeps doing this for a long time to come. We listened to it twice and now it's stuck in our heads. HELP!

K1D - Yoshi (Prod. 808milli) ft. Woodie Smalls

Yoshi is one of the tracks on K1D's summer EP, Peter Pan Syndrome. The EP "is strictly made for summertime", according to the man himself. Let's play these summer vibes through your speakers!

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