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10 tips for when you’re travelling with a photographer

Chase photographer Sebastiaan Franco - who you might know from his story about Belgian Hooliganism - recently went on a road-trip with Chase writer Chloë Ramaekers. During this trip Chloë learned some basic tricks to manage life on the road with somebody who's always hunting for that next epic picture. 

Words: Chloë Ramaekers, photo's: Sebastiaan Franco

Chloë: even though we originally decided to drive mainly through Montenegro and Croatia, we got scared of by the excessive amount of tourists in Dubrovnik. We decided to flip the script by going to Albania and Bosnia and so we traded Kings Landing for amazing views of the Albanian Alps and Bosnian wildfires. The change of scenery even led us to stray horses, post-war restaurants and deserted canyons.

Even though I was familiar with the photographer in his original habitat, I discovered some new odd habits of this species abroad. Take these tips into consideration for the next time you go on a trip with a photographer.

1. Know your place, preferably behind the camera.
2. Never believe the phrase ‘I’ll just go and take a quick look’.
3. Sometimes at a tourist attraction the tourists become the attraction.
4. Managed to sneak into the picture? There’s always Photoshop.
5. Never take pictures of the photographer, you won’t get “the right angle” anyway.
6. Learn the language, you’ll have more conversations with the locals then with the photographer.
7. Fell down and hurt your knee? Suck it up, there’s probably good light right around that corner.
8. Just remember, this is not your vacation, it’s just another project you’re allowed to be a part of.
9. You see a beautiful sunset. He sees: 1/200s, f16, iso 400.
10. Remember that breathtaking beach on Tripadviser? There’s always next year.

Luckily these pictures made it al worthwhile: 




We will release more pictures of this trip soon!

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