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2021: the year women will rule hip hop once and for all

Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Cardi B, and Saweetie. Only four names who immediately ring a bell if it comes to hip hop these days. A world that used to be ruled by men only, has suddenly been bombed with female artists slaying the game harder than ever. An established sound, a flow bouncing from 808 to high-hat, and lyrics so rude you can never unlearn them. If we know one thing for sure, it’s that the ladies will be taking over in 2021. And our Belgian girls are completely ready to take over the Belgian hip hop industry as well.

Article by Yaell Monas, header by Ioni Villanueva

The international hip hop scene became all about real hot girl shit in 2020. There’s no doubt Megan Thee Stallion completely took over the corona year with a strong female voice, WAP, and NSFW lyrics. But next to sexy rappers who might be in your boyfriend’s wildest dreams, there’s also Rico Nasty making sure we have a song to rage to on a Monday morning. And of course Young M.A., who is definitely more bad boy approved than A$AP Rocky will ever be.

WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

Obviously, Missy Elliot and Nicki Minaj already paved ways for female artists to conquer the scene. But let’s be honest, hip hop hasn’t always been about preaching pussy and dissing men for being trash. The music genre, which heavily increased in popularity, used to be about getting rich, fucking bitches, and gang wars more than anything. Yet, men now had to make way for a group of rappers with a very sharp tongue. Keeping in mind that many of these women grew up in less well circumstances, had to work their way up from being a stripper to being a rapper, and getting called out for being female, they deserve a massive amount of respect.

Tik Tok certified gold

The enormous growth in popularity is definitely something the whole hip hop scene has been eating from. Since 2018, hip hop has been the most listened to genre world-wide. In 2020, the revolutionary application Tik Tok increased popularity. And that’s when things escalated even more. Even Megan Thee Stallion thanks her popularity to the app, with ‘Savage’ hitting 261 million streams and even Beyoncé wanting to add her extra dose of magic to the track by remixing it. But what about our Belgian women? Do they enjoy the benefits of the Chinese application which boosted hip hop internationally?

The online Redbull Elektropedia Awards

And the award goes to... WOMEN

Anyone who adores the Belgian music scene is patiently waiting to see who wins one of the precious Redbull Elektropedia Awards every year. And even though Corona kind of fucked up the completely live industry, Redbull was dedicated enough to still praise those who creatively worked their way through 2020. Artist of the year was, and we expected it, Lous and The Yakuza. After her first single in September 2019, the artist quickly put Belgium on the international hip hop map. She later got the chance to do a live performance for the COLORS Berlin sessions on YouTube. Redbull also honored MEYY as one of the best new artists, and we couldn’t agree more.

Booty, by Lyna Lahbiri, made the perfect tik-tok song to represent Belgium. Although it didn’t catch the all watching eyes of the 16-year old dancing queens yet, we are sure 2021 will be Lyna’s “savage” year. Mahina caught our eye when she released her very first single Harmony last year, sounding like the Belgian equivalent of early 00’s Alicia Keys. If there is one artist we are looking out for, it’s Mahina. And our list wouldn’t be complete, without angelic voice MEDS. We’ve been bumping Sativa for eleven months now, so if you are reading this MEDS: drop that shit.

Lous and The Yakuza’s COLORS Berlin Show

Women running the trap

But who says a female artist can’t rap? Fresh out of the trap, Spacebabymadcha who knows exactly how to conquer the Belgian trap scene. Men should watch out, because if this girl had a dick she would pull it out and piss on y’all. (This is a Nicki Minaj reference, but she’d still do it.) And then there is our former Chase intern, April Maey, who for some reason can rap as well as she can sing. The best of both worlds, without any hesitation. And if we are talking about Belgian females owning the trap, we can never ignore Miss Angel who has been spitting her way through this hellhole for a while now.

And of course, there are artists who will stay as relevant as they were in 2020 already. Chibi Ichigo, the mesmerizing Russian queen, will definitely stay hot topic of the year 2021. And Ikraaan, who we invited to our talksik podcast, is someone we never even doubted for a second. So, if there is one thing we should all keep an eye on it is females. Because (you might like this or not, men), they will keep on winning in the upcoming months. And men will have to try their hardest to keep up. Because no matter what happens, girls will always run the world. And that’s on Beyoncé.

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