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3 songs by Darrell Cole you should memorise before going to ‘Hyper! at NIGHT’

This Saturday, Hyper! is back for the second time in Bornem with a HyperCultcha market during the day and an epic after party at night. Next to DJ’s Kevin Kofii and Nikomba, both nationally known for their hip-hop and r&b tunes, they finish their line-up with Le 77 and Darrell Cole. The last name is one of Antwerp’s finest, who’s been putting his name on the hip-hop map of our small country. So before you dance the night away on Saturday, check out three of Darrell’s songs you should be able to rap along on 11/05.

Article by Yaell Monas


This probably is Darrell Cole’s most popular and well-known song, with over 1.3 million Spotify streams, which equals to 10% of Belgium. In 'Take Me Away', Darrell Cole declares his love for his hometown Antwerp. Cole isn’t scared of letting his fans know how hard he had to fight to get where he is now. The song actually is one big motivational speech for himself, other rappers or fans and apparently, 1.3 million people really needed that.

I used to think we could never win

I caught my first wave, I’ve been surfing ever since

I’m motivated now, I stopped thinking negative


Darrell Cole his latest song got over 47k views on Youtube. The song is on his most recent album, Fully Loaded, which dropped last year. The video was filmed in Cuba, and in it, you can see Cole and Krisy roaming around the streets. Both rappers were announced to be ambassadors for the Daily Paper x Havana Club collaboration. Not only the song is amazing, but the video by TWNTGHT VISUALS is a straight-up masterpiece. Big up to Cole for supporting our local creatives.

I’m no longer where I grew up, four days in Cuba

No longer drug dealers, I’m talking to black owners

We might buy a club in Barcelona

BOATS. (Based On A True Story)

Boats, or Based On A True Story, is Darrell’s most intimate song so far. The story of how he grew up is shockingly intriguing and is backed up by some old school hip-hop beats by producer Will Blake. You shouldn’t take a song like this for granted, as it’s not easy to share such a story to the whole world. Cole knows exactly how to combine melancholia, the heavy truth and hip-hop.

Family complete now, Man I love’em

My parents thought life would be better in the motherland

Tired of the bills and the struggling, now we on a plane

Yeah we out, next thing I know we’re in Freetown

Check out the Facebook event of HyperCultcha and Hyper! at NIGHT featuring Le 77 and Darrell Cole and we'll see you there on 11/05?

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