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3 vegan hotspots serving takeout meals in Hasselt

Are you in the mood for scandalously good vegan food? Then Hasselt is the place to be, dear reader. Prior to the closure of our beloved restaurants and cafés due to the corona-virus, our editor Jana Frambach went on a mission in Hasselt. She wanted to enjoy a 3-course vegan meal and visit a different restaurant for each course. Come along and discover some amazing vegan places that are still open for takeout in these corona times!

Pictures: Jana Frambach, Text: Roan Vermeyen

La casetta

To start the day, the apéro was served at La casetta. On their menu, you can find local, organic products as well as sparkling ciders, lemonades and natural wines from Italy. In non-corona times the upstairs serves as a space for expositions of local artists or the perfect location for your next meeting, party or workshop. Looking for some decor pieces to make your house just as ‘Instagram-worthy’ as La casetta? You’ll probably find something you like in their shop.


As lunchtime came around, Jana moved to the second location of the day. Gezondigd offers the perfect menu for a healthy meal with or without a refreshing mocktail. Fresh ingredients are essential in the ‘Gezondigd’ kitchen to create vitamin-filled dishes. Craving homemade and delicious takeout? Order one of their ecologically packaged meals and enjoy it!


Nothing as wholesome as a sweet, sweet ending. Peas is thé place to be when it comes to desserts. The best part? All the goodies are vegan! Founders Els and Davy want to prove to their customers that vegan food can be just as diverse, sweet and yummy as classic cuisine. At Peas, only good quality ingredients, if possible also organic and fair trade, are used. We don’t blame you if you get a watery mouth just from looking at their cupcakes.

Are you feeling hungry yet? Even though we can’t physically visit these hotspots right now, click on the restaurant of your choice to check out takeout options. Stay safe and stay hungry!

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