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SuperNova Tech Party at Ampère, playing the music of tomorrow

On Saturday September 29th, SuperNova Tech Party will take place in Antwerp’s Ampère club. The line-up includes acts from international-known artists like Legowelt, Juju & Jordash and Peter van Hoesen as well as local heroes Kong & Gratts.

The party is hosted in light of the SuperNova festival: a four-day tech & innovation summit in Antwerp end September. Don’t miss out on this party if you are a true electronic music lover!

During the SuperNova Tech Party, the conference stage will be temporarily replaced with a steamy dance floor. On stage you'll see a selection of the most forward-thinking electronic artists of today.


Dutch synth wizard Danny Wolfers, a man of many faces, will be headlining with a live set as his alias Legowelt. His beats are infused with mellow vibes, screeching electronic vibes and an occasional acid undertone. Danny doesn't like to be put in one box, he rather likes to experiment across different genres and scenes.

Legowelt had a breakthrough in 2002 with the chart hit ‘Disco Rout’, a track that put him on the map worldwide. Since that time, Danny Wolfers has output a large number of electronic music under different names and many labels such as Dekmantel, Clone, L.I.E.S., Peoples Potential Unlimited and Crème Organization.

Next to being an excellent producer, Legowelt is also a true performer, known for his creative and exciting live sets. Definitely a must see for every electronic music lover!

Juju & Jordash

Next to Legowelt, one of Dekmantel’s favorite duos will perform a thrilling live set in Ampère. Juju & Jordash live sets are completely improvised and have built up quite a reputation in the scene over the past decade.

The duo's sound is deeply rooted in the house & techno genres, but as their sets evolve through the night, it opens up to any direction that fits the vibe.

The only predictable element to their live set is the constant sense for quality while maintaining a high danceability factor. All else will be a surprise the night itself.

Since 2004, Juju & Jordash have been releasing numerous works in all kinds of different genres. They put out three landmark albums on Dekmantel, as well as multiple EPs and remixes on renowned record labels as Rush Hour, Ostgut Ton, Golf Channel, Psychostasia and Future Times.

Peter van Hoesen

This Berlin-based DJ can be considered as a veteran in the techno scene, although he has never been a typical techno artist. Peter draws inspiration from all sorts of rather unusual techno music from early American techno to the new wave of European techno in the 2000s.

In order to be able to output all these unique sounds, Peter founded his own label Time to Express in 2008.

Peter’s favorite setting is a dance floor with hardly any lights, as it drives people to dance to the dark techno music, instead of idolizing the performer as an individual.

Kong & Gratts

Last but not least, these local heroes will kickstart the first edition of the SuperNova Tech Party with a tasteful groove-heavy and dancefloor-ready dj set. The duo has been a constant force in the Belgian nightlife as they've been passionately spreading the real house sound for longer than anyone can remember.

Together they run the ensemble's club nights, blog and label. In 2016, their underground contributions over the past few years resulted in the brand’s very first Boiler Room takeover in Antwerp.

The duo have established themselves as true selectors, playing in renowned clubs and festivals in all corners of the worlds. Still, if you would ask them, they will probably tell you they have the most fun playing to an intimate crowd in a dark, fog-laden basement, very much like Peter van Hoesen’s description of his favorite dance floor.

Coupled with a unique venue and a well-curated lineup of artists, the SuperNova Tech Party is the place-to be on September 29.

Early bird tickets are now available on the SuperNova website.

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