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4 Duos That Caught Our Attention at Bomboclat 2018

"One love!" Nothing more fitting than this quote by Bob Marley to look back on Bomboclat 2018. People came together for a good time, and the duos in the pictures below made their festival looks worthwhile.

Text by Nadia Hanssens, pics by Devi Codron

Carola and Carlos
Red is the colour of love for this couple. Carola: “We didn’t even do this on purpose! We had bought our outfits separately because I told Carlos to find something new to wear. So he wanted to surprise me and it was an even bigger surprise when we saw the red matching my outfit.”

Jelte and Marie-Anne
The beautiful print on this duo immediately drew our attention. Marie-Anne: “We are here representing Avenue Matswa, a fashion brand that uses original African fabrics to create modern looks. What better place to show it off than here?”

Rosa and Kyara
Kyara: “We love ourselves some online shopping. When you’re scrolling through Instagram is so easy to find looks that you don’t see as much in stores over here. Fashion Nova is our favorite at the moment.” The camo pant and checkered trousers with a black crop top feels like a true match on this duo.

Maggy and Cécile
Looking around the crowd, Maggy and Cécile were easy to spot. These friends were here to party alright! Maggy: “We came here to have fun, and the wigs are our way of having a laugh and standing out.”

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