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4 Upcoming Belgian Furniture Designers

As the Belgian design world is growing very fast, a lot of young people choose to work in the creative sector nowadays. We hand picked 4 upcoming Belgian furniture designers for you, whose work we dig. Support your local creatives!


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Michelle Janssen
Michelle Janssen is an award-winning designer from Rekem. She has won two awards for emerging talent in furniture design and the best ecological design, during the Fidiasawards 2015. With every design, regardless of the scale, Michelle wants to create a broader context and include a superior vision.

Michelle has designed a durable chair called Corten. To realise this, she chose to make the frame with only one metal tube while the other materials are 100% ecological. Recently the Belgian television channel Canvas interviewed her about Corten and she also appeared some local newspapers and magazines. 

Corten is participating in the Uptown Design Tour 2017 in Brussel and will be exhibited in one of the 23 prestigious locations in Uptown Brussels. See it for yourself, between September 14 and October 1.



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Toon Aerts
Toon Aerts is an interior and furniture designer from Dilbeek. Toon is passionate about using pure materials provided by Mother Nature and is driven by transforming chaos into simplified forms while limiting material usage. During his education, Toon realised various projects, check them out on his website.

His biggest project so far is PLEX+. This is an open storage unit consisting of 5 different modules. By rotating and moving these modules, PLEX+ is adapted to the needs of the user and the space in which it is placed. It's perfect to be used as a room distribution element: the attached folding screen accentuates this feature. PLEX+ has been selected for the public award of the OVAM awards. Voting is still open.



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Nicole Brock
Nicole Brock works as a freelance designer on a variety of projects and in addition tries to work on her own furniture collection Brock. She has her own design studio in the heart of Brussels. In the past year she worked on private projects as well as a scenography for an exposition. Her first collection of furniture was presented for the first time last year during De Invasie in Antwerp, an exhibition with young designers only.

She wants to keep things pure and simple. She loves playing with forms and functionality. Nicole hopes to launch a new product this year to exhibit in her design studio in Brussels. You can check out her work on her website.



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Bogenna Ivana
Bogenna Ivana is a designer from Eindhoven, living in Antwerp. Bogenna is passionate about materials and driven by the interest of the unknown because “if things can not be explained they only get more interesting.”

Bogenna's biggest project to date is called PAS DE DEUX and she has been able to exhibit this project during the Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven and the Interior Biënnalle 2016 in Kortrijk. At the moment she’s working with 2 furniture designers and she is currently working on a prototype of a chair she designed in collaboration with Moome, a furniture design store from Dilsen-Stokkem. In the future Bogenna wants to explore her artistic side more.

Bogenna's work can be seen on her website.

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