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5 Belgian Artists to Watch in 2018

As the new year takes off everybody is traditionally preoccupied with new year's resolutions and/or diet programs. Instead of a diet program, that you probably won't follow through anyway, we've got some nice artists for you to follow! Here are five artist to keep an eye on in 2018. 

Blu Samu 

She's funky and can spit more rhymes than your average 'skrr skrr' homeboy/girl. This Antwerp based lady released quite some collaborations, singles and an EP in the past. We can gladly tell an album will come up next before the summer! She already played alongside the Niveau 4 gang at Ancienne Belgique this year and we are guessing it won't be her last time at this venue. With some videoclips scheduled pretty soon we are looking forward to Blu's 2018! 



SeizoensKlanken aren't strangers anymore for Chase but we still think they deserve a spotlight in 2018! They already made quite the noise in our little country with their debut-album 'DagxNacht', and rumour has it there will be a new album in 2018. With a brand new bandmember and booking agency they are ready to take their live performance to a new level. With keys, guitar and a brand new drummer we are wishing them a fully booked year. 


He reached the Limbomania finals in 2017 and is ready to kick it up another notch in 2018. Vancos is a guy with a passion for UK Garage and wants to take the genre out of the darkness in Belgium. To do so he created an online group called 'Belgium Better Know' to promote Belgian UKG & Grime. Furthermore he will be hosting a new UKG party at the infamous 45 alongside his friends from SubVision. As a producer he already released two tracks on the Belgian 'Housified' label and is releasing an EP in 2018. Belgium better watch this one in 2018.


Luie Louis

A few months ago he released his first album with collaborations from Zwangere Guy, NAG., Blu Samu and much more. This killer album is filled with jazz, funk, hip hop bangers and the right amount of humour. Expect some videoclips and plenty of shows from Luie Louis. He is the perfect soundtrack for your sweaty party, sexy evening or lazy sunday. We hope you have many lazy sundays to come, because Luie Louis will take care of the soundtrack. 



He was last year's Champion Sound winner and got recognition from Red Bull Elektropedia, LeFtO and many more. With his unique style of mixing D&B and Beats it's a fresh breeze through the beatscene with, as he likes to call it, "Future Fuccboi Jungle.". In 2018 he will present an audiovisual show, will drop a new EP and release some singles on compilation albums as well. With a kind 'fuck you' to putting music in boxes and genres, this man keeps an open look to what music is about and will most definitely surprise us in the future. 

Since there are more than five artists in Belgium we would like to spread the necessary love for the scene in 2018, so here are some more artist who you should definitely check out in 2018! 

Bcote, Roshima, Tunaki, Anders., Mambele, Qwasa QwasaVicking Groovy, Bluen, Morgan AbendBAVR, Kijumba, Mitxelena... feel free to add and support your local scene! 

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