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5 Belgian hip hop tracks to check out this week

Another week with another selection of the best Chase-approved hip hop tracks, straight from our beloved flat country. Take the time to enjoy!

Article by Maxime Fumaneri

Romeo Elvis feat Le Motel - Pogo

The infamous duo Romeo Elvis and Le Motel is back with a brand new banger. After taking by storm every festival this summer, they dropped this crazy music video which is an unreal compilation of the craziest pogo moments. We can still feel the ground shaking!

Loyk - Whole Lot

At only 19 years old, Loyk is already a veteran dancer in Belgium. After spending more than a year in the studio defining his sound, Loyk is finally ready to share his vibes with the outside world. A hip hop newcomer to keep on your radar!

SLM - Pech

The Antwerp-based rappers from SLM are back with a crazy video and a song that will stick in your head for the rest of the week! Don't say we didn't warn you...

Peet - La Vibe

Peet from Le 77 just released the first extract of his personal upcoming project, right on time for the weekend . Make sure to catch the vibe and check the music video shot in Barcelona.

Darrell Cole - Big L

No need to introduce Darrell Cole to you anymore. In 'Big L', he does what he does the bas, rapping. Make sure to check out the release party of his new EP 'Fully Loaded' on October 26th (today!) in Brussels!

Still looking for the more hip-hop tracks to take your playlist to the next level? Check our selection from last week here.

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