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6 New Belgian Hip-Hop Releases to check out

New week, that means it’s damn time for some new Belgian heat! Below you can find the latest releases from Axelence, Graci, Damso, K1D, Bamboe-Klik and SLM.


Axelence - For The City

Axelence is a Brussels native who was an ex-member of the group Young Nation 01. He proves that it’s possible to deliver a dope song in three different languages! By doing this, he wants to promote more unity in Brussels. He definitely delivers the message!


Graci - Klaar & Opgemaakt

Next up is the Limburg-based rapper Graci. Klaar & Opgemaakt is the second single from his debut album 'Kleurrijker'. He brings a catchy, melodic banger which definitely stays in your head for a few days!


Damso - Γ. Mosaïque Solitaire

After all his recent problems in the media, Damso keeps doing what he does best! Last week he dropped this very well-made video for his song "Γ. Mosaïque Solitaire" which is the third song on his latest album 'Ipséité'. It’s clear that his fans still love him after all the media drama. His latest video already got 3 million views in little less than a week! Word on the streets is that he's already in the studio working on his next album (which normally will be out in June). We can’t wait to hear more about it!


K1D - Pikachu Flow

“This shit too wavy, I surf and I shred.”  Pikachu Flow is another great song from K1D's recently dropped EP 'High Hopes'. If you want a sure bet, 2018 will be K1D's big breakthrough year!


Bamboe-Klik - Bamboe

Bamboe-Klik is a recent collab between Letterfretter Mike and Mellow P. They bring a smooth, funky flow combined with a perfect delivery. We choosed Bamboe because it's a dope song which has some oldschool hiphop vibes sprinkled in. Perfect to sit back, listen and relax!


SLM - Kifesh

Once again Saïd and Salahdine from SLM show that it's possible to combine hip-hop and humor. They have their own recipe for their songs which always have a great vibe and catchy sound. Definitely watch this beautifully made video till the end where the two play dangerous kungu fu masters!

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