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The 5 best outfits of Woo Hah! festival 2018

A good festival outfit is not only fashionable but also functional. We spotted many good outfits at Woo Hah! 2018, but when it comes to balancing fashion and utility, these people succeeded the most.

Text by Melissa Awouters, photos by Tim Schrijnemakers


Less is more

One item we spotted several times? Face masks. While Jessie and Kevin just bought theirs from a general goods store nearby to protect themselves from the dust, it also looks kinda cool. But the thing we love the most about their outfits is that they keep it simple. "It's all about the accessories," Kevin tells us. Their tip? Don't leave your face mask at home next time you go to a festival.


Don't lose your stuff

Yannick is wearing a utility vest, which is not only very cool, but also very useful. "It comes in handy when you don't want to lose all your stuff", he tells us. He bought the vest from a legit army story in Rotterdam-North. "My biggest fashion icon? My father. I wear all his clothes from back in the day."


Stay cool

When we ask them about their biggest fashion icons, they point to their group of friends. It's no surprise when you notice how much their own outfits match. They have to admit it. With the printed shirt, the shorts, the sunglasses and the hats, Malik and Kevin are wearing quite matching outfits. Maybe because their outfits include all the keen elements to a good festival outfit. "We're both wearing a shirt that will keep us cool", they tell. Their glasses and hats add up to that.


Keep it easy

"I wear this skirt quite often," Celine admits. "I can wear it to literally everywhere, also to work." Switch the top and the skirt gets a whole different look. "I love the skirt because it fits so easy. Last time I went to a festival, I wore a pair of jeans and a fanny pack, but let's admit it, this is a whole of a lot easier when I have to use the toilet!"


Get dirty

What was Macklemore saying about thrift shops again? Matheus also likes to buy his clothes from that thrift shop down the road. He bought his army pants in Brussels for the small price of 10 euros. Even his Yeezy 500's are secondhand. "So no, I am not really worried they get dirty", Matheus tells us.


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