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5 Brands to Keep on Your Radar in 2018

Three months into 2018, it's time to have a closer look at a couple of brands you need to keep an eye on this year. Here's a fresh batch of Chase-approved fashion labels to help you broaden your streetwear knowledge and get your wardrobe updated.

Written by Maxime Fumaneri


Founded in 2017 by Idem and Walschot, Paradox is a new Brussels based streetwear label. The brand offers a very wide range of graphic hoodies, tee shirts and crewnecks of quality materials in nice colors. Worn by the finest Belgian rappers such as JeanJass and Roméo Elvis, Paradox is slowly embedding itself in the Belgian hip hop industry.



Established in 2015 by Brendon Babenzien (former creative designer of Supreme for 15 years), Noah delivers a timeless clothing line bridging the New York skateboarding scene and classic menswear culture. Priding itself on sustainable and ethical practices, every single piece is manufactured in factories where workers are treated with respect and are paid decent wages. All the garms are made of innovative fabrics and high-quality materials. Noah showcases a social conscience that changes the way we consume clothes. 


When you hear the name 'Mizuno', you’re likely to think about a high-performance sport brand, right? The Japanese footwear veteran has scheduled a huge comeback in 2018 by teaming up with a new creative collective dubbed 'Kazoku' - the Japanese word for family. Kazoku is made up of brands like Patta, Solebox, Beams, Footpatrol, Wood Wood and so on. Indeed, for the first time since its founding in 1906 in Osaka, the brand is taking a brand new path by designing a more street-inspired shoe. With a sneaker industry that supports nonconformism and extravagance, this touch of Japanese maximalism will undoubtedly be more than welcome.



In June 2015, Alex James and Vlad Elkin launched Pleasures at a pop-up gallery in Los Angeles. Ever since, the brand’s reputation has never stopped increasing with more than 94K followers on Instagram and over 100 retailers all around the globe. With a wide range of rock-flavored graphics and patterns with prints reminiscent of the punk, grunge and skateboarding scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the brand has already been spotted on people like Keith Ape, Kylie Jenner and The Weeknd to name a few. The brand made waves with many past collaborations, and there's already a solid range of new collabs in the pipelines for 2018.


Pop Trading Company

The Amsterdam-based skateboard brand founded by Peter Kolks and Rin van Rest in 2003 went from being a small streetwear labels distributor to a massive brand itself. In 2015, Pop Trading Company launched its own clothing line with only one idea in mind: “Work with the best skateboard brands and the finest menswear retailers”. Year after year, the small brand has succeeded in making its own name in the skateboard and menswear industry. The Dutch brand is now being stocked at the finest menswear retailers such as Mr Porter, Supreme Paris, Lockwood, Civilist Berlin and Slam City Skate and represents the creative mentality of Amsterdam.


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