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5 Essential Winter Accessories

Winter is still going strong and the only thing you’re probably worried about is how to keep yourself as warm as possible. Have you ever wondered how to stay hot and look hot at the same time? We’ve got your back! Here’s a small list of 5 winter accessories to upgrade your outfits.

Writing, pictures and styling by Trudy Kazangu


The statement scarf

This winter we’re turning a classic into a more fashionable item. The bigger the better! In addition to being trendy it will also keep you nice and warm in all circumstances. The statement scarf is easy to wear and you can match it with almost anything. In faux fur or with extravagant patterns? It’s all possible! An absolute must-have.



The beret

Get the Frenchie look with the beret. This timeless accessory will keep your head warm and give your outfit a classier look. Many shops sell them in the brightest colours and in different materials like faux leather and velvet. An instant upgrade to your outfit!



The baker boy cap

Or how to look irresistible in one simple move. Put the baker boy cap on your head and let it work its magic. The baker boy cap is probably the most trending accessory this winter. You can rock it with short or long hair. This is without any doubt our favourite winter accessory.



The sporty white socks

Who would’ve thought that something so simple would become so fashionable? The white socks with honestly any urban brand logo on it works very well this winter. Guaranteed warm and stylish feet all winter long!



The umbrella

Can’t leave the house without it! And if we’re going to take it everywhere, we should do it properly. This unmissable accessory comes in many colours and sizes. You can opt for a more classic look or experiment with crazy patterns. At the end of the day the umbrella will always save your live.

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