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5 European sustainable fashion brands that don’t hurt our planet

Today's clothing industry isn't very 'clean', to say the least. It's hard to find some affordable pieces that are also fashionable, and don't hurt our planet. The last few years, a small fashion revolution has been going on. Sustainable fashion brands are popping up all around the world and their fanbase keeps growing bigger and stronger. We picked out our 5 favourite non evil fashion brands at the moment.

Article by Lauren Quataert



The people at TWOTHIRDS surely take their baseline 'nature is a gift' literally. The brand was founded in San Sebastian, which is basically the surf capital of Europe. It's heavily inspired by surfer culture and seaside fashion. The brand specialises in organic and sustainable products made in Europe. Their collection ranges from denim jackets to fuzzy sweaters and all kinds of accessories.



This German brand is an allround eco-friendly company. Not only do they sell fashionable, fair and organic clothing, they also run several ecological programs. The Innovation DetoxDenim initiative, for instance, wants to change the toxic production of denim. The goal of the program is to eliminate all potentially hazardous chemicals. With the 'Bees and Humans' interview series, ARMEDANGELS takes a stance for the preservation and protection of bees. These buzzing insects are, among several other growing processes, vital for cotton production. This brand combines environmentalism with fashion beautifully.

Photo via Goat Organic Apparel

Goat Organic Apparel

Goat Organic Apparel's baseline is actually really simple: no bullsh*it, just honest and organic apparel. The brand was founded in Amsterdam and tackles the problem of the 'dirty' clothing industry in innovative ways. They want to get rid of the dusty image of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Their designs are simple, basic and easy-to-wear. This company's approach is very direct and their pieces sometimes carry a humorous message to weigh up to the ever-so-serious fashion business. How about a 'F* me I'm vegan' shirt or 'Suck my bitter balls' printed on the front?

Photo via Ecoalf


This Spanish brand has been in the eco fashion game since 2012 and it has gained terrain quickly. The label has an online store, as well as a physical store in Madrid, and last year, they opened a second store in Berlin. Ecoalf rose out of founder Javier Goyeneche's frustration with the excessive use of the world’s natural resources. His goal is to make fashion and accessories made entirely from recycled materials with the same qualities as the best non-recycled products. Among the materials the brand uses are discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and coffee grinds.

Photo via Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat

Who said vegans can't wear leather? The vegan-based leather company Matt & Nat was born out of the synergy of NATure and MATerial. The brand's founders aim to reflect their love of nature, and the world around them on their cruelty-free vegan fashion items. Matt & Nat is mostly known for their beautiful, yet very simple designed handbags that come in every form possible. They have belt bags, clutches, tote bags and even dog bags. Besides an extended bag collection, Matt & Nat offers a line of shoes and various accessories.

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