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5 Experimental Tracks You Need To Hear This Month

April has been a beautiful month for experimental and electronic music. There have been releases by Arca, Seizoensklanken, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Tangram Records, electronica pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto and much, much more… We’ve searched the holy web of a thousand releases and selected some gems to present to you this month.

Benoe - SeizoensKlanken

This powerhouse consists of two members, a guitarist and a producer/keyboardist. 'SeizoensKlanken released their Day & Night-themed debut album (DagxNacht) this month. Day and Night are represented by four tracks, that are meant to symbolise either the sunshine in your face or the brilliant moonlight. Benoe is a perfect sunshiny day track with a dope beat and peculiar synths, topped off with some smooth guitars. If you can't get enough of their sexyness you can get their other track 'Licht' from the debut album as a free download


Anoche - Arca

Arca is considered to be one of the must have producers nowadays for artists. He has worked for Kanye West, FKA Twigs, Björk and more. He is also known for taking matters into his own hands. This month he released his fourth album. An album filled with weird and onerous soundscapes, enhanced by his own vocals this time. Stripping down everything that makes us feel familiar or at ease about music, this guy deserves a place in this article. By doing so he takes you to his somewhat scary imaginary world. Some may like that world and some may not, see for yourself with his new track ‘Anoche’.  


Vorace - Bouillon

Boy do we love Tangram Records… They released Vorace’s ‘Bad Start EP’ this month, not a bad start to Chase’s ears that’s for damn sure! A top shelf EP that sounds like a rave in a haunted castle, with an outer space soundsystem that blasts your guts out. Vorace is a Paris based producer with a love for messed up analog sounds. Five bangers you simply can’t resist. Unique synths, weird percussion, energetic beats and bases deeper than the Mariana trench. Kickstart your day with the ‘Bad Start EP’ right here!


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Fullmoon

Ryuichi Sakamoto may sound as a stranger to most but this guy has done quite some incredible things for the music industry. He used to play in a group called ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’ (which were important for the development of acid house and techno) back in the seventies and eighties. He also composed music for the movie ‘The Last Emperor’ and the list goes on and on… After eight years Ryuichi Sakamoto finally released a new album with classical and electronic music combined. The track ‘Fullmoon’ is basically a composition of soundscapes and vocals. With a philosophical state of mind this track gets you thinking about life as it starts out with a speech, where it evolves into a cool puzzle of vocals during the track.


Mount Kimbie - We Go Home Together ft. James Blake

Mount Kimbie and James Blake are two artists considered to be innovators of the ‘post dubstep’ genre. Whether you consider ‘post dubstep’ as a genre or not, we’ll leave up to you. The only thing we care about at Chase is dope music. That’s exactly what these guys make. This month they cooked up a track with an organ as main instrument, and cool synths that pop up here and there. Together with James Blake powerful vocals they bring you a dope track with a somewhat hangover flow to it.


FYI: Cashmere Cat is dropping his debut-album the 28th of april, but we want to keep some goodies for next month as well! 

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