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5 Experimental Tracks You Need To Hear This Month

May brought us releases from Sinjin Hawke, Himmel, Chromonicci and musical wonderboys  FKJ & Masego. Local protégé LTGL also deserves a place in this month’s listing as he takes us to his imaginary world with his latest release on Tangram Records, ‘Scribble’. We did not forget to check that Cashmere Cat album dropped in April. Between his rap and love ballad ubiquity we found a hidden gem called ‘Victoria’s Veil’.

Sinjin Hawke – Nailgun

If you don’t know Sinjin Hawke yet this is the moment to get to know him! The Canadian mastermind released his debut album with an outspoken musical identity. Renewing everything electronics ever could be, he already got noticed by Kanye West. He basically recorded about 150 demos for Kanye. One of them became the track ‘Wolves’ on the latter's latest album 'Life Of Pablo'. What happened to the other 149? We have no idea but we guess some of them ended up on this incredible album. To get a little taste you can check this heavy hitter ‘Nailgun’ right here.


Himmel x Chromonicci – Lit

Himmel and Chromonicci are two Americans who made a very danceable track this month. It starts out as a future bass track and transforms into a dope house bump combined with squeeky synths and upfront drums. As the title describes this is a lit instrumental that suits both sunny days and long club nights. It has been released on Phuture Collective, the American equivalent of Belgium's Crown Collective. Check them out if you're into lit grooves.


LTGL – Scribble

Ashley Morgan has been productive with his 7 inch releases on Tangram Records. Two months ago he brought us 'Splatter' and now we have 'Scribble'. A landscape of blips, blops, arrhythmic percussion and god knows what else is in his secret track recipe. Combined with his typical sexy basslines and sound design, this could be the perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi movie. As the track evolves into this jazzy groove at the end you just know he will bring us lots more of pretty surprises in the future.


Cashmere Cat – Victoria’s Veil

That other production god Cashmere Cat also managed to amaze 'Yeezy'. He is also involved in The Life of Pablo and yes he co-produced 'Wolves' as well! With his debut album ‘9’ this Scandinavian romantic tried to blend pop with his incredibly skilled productions. Whether or not his productions taste as smooth as your favourite smoothy's up to you, but we're digging his track 'Victoria's Veil'. With classical elements and crazy undefinable sounds this track is a small grasp back to Cashy Cat's instrumental masterpieces like 'Mirror Maru' and 'Wedding Bells'.


FKJ & Masego – Tadow

Speaking of great producers who tend to be good musicians, multi-instrumental whiz kids even, FKJ and Masego went to the Red Bull Studios in Paris for a jam session. Ever wondered what Masego’s passport sounds like on a beat while FKJ makes love to his keys and saxophone? This is your chance to find out. If you have the opportunity to check these artists during the summer we highly recommend you do so! Sit back, get that tan going and enjoy this cosy summer jam.


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