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6 Experimental Tracks You Need To Hear This Month

February has been quite the month for Chase. With album releases from Clap! Clap!, Altta, Sampha, Visible Cloaks and many others, we had plenty of music to listen to. Since there were so many releases, we decided to give you guys six instead of five tracks. Here’s a selection of some fine experimental tracks from February for you to vibe to. From Clap! Clap! to mystery boy HolyMoley!, enjoy.

Clap! Clap! ft. Bongeziwe Mabandla - Nguwe

The first track we’re presenting is ‘Nguwe’ by Clap! Clap!. The Italian producer Cristiano Crisci is known for combining heavy artillery beats with great musical vibes from around the world. For the track ‘Nguwe’ he teamed up with Bongeziwe Mabandla, a Singer-Songwriter/African Folk artist from South-Africa. The combination of Bongeziwe’s voice and the eclectic production skills from Clap! Clap! creates an amazing vibe which sticks around. 

Alltta – That good ship

Next up is 'That good ship' by Alltta, a collaborative project between 20syl (also known from C2C) and Mr. J. Medeiros. The track was already released on the ‘touch down EP’ in June 2016 but has been re-released on their debut album named: ‘The Upper Hand’. An album with the recognizable 20syl sound spiced up with Mr. J. Medeiros behind the mic. The boys already said hello at Dour festival last summer and will be back the 18th of may @Les Nuits Botanique.

Sampha – Plastic 1000°

Sampha’s debut album hits right where it needs to! An amazing album with some experimental tracks like 'Plastic 1000°', 'Kora Sings' and 'Reverse faults'. He also succeeds to amaze with the beautiful piano ballad ‘No one knows me like the piano’. Check 'Plastic 1000°' here and if you dig this track you’ll definitely like the debut album. It’s a combination of weird soundscapes, synths and acoustic instruments with Sampha’s unique voice on top. 

Holymoley! - Somebody

We’ve discovered this guy called Holymoley! and that’s exactly what we thought hearing his track for the first time! Unfortunately we weren’t able to find much about this genius other than the fact that he comes from Asia and that the track ‘Somebody’ was released on two 'labels' named: A La Carte Music & Royàl X. The track has a sexy and funky flow but it gets lifted to another level thanks to the unique sounddesign and crazy beats.

Bert On Beats – High On Cuica (Mala Noche remix)

This one sounds like a war between R2D2 and C-3PO in a desert in a galaxy far, far away. But we like it! The icy almost scary sounds combined with heavy latin drums reminds us of Jersey Club music and a sniff of the flow from Dengue Dengue Dengue. The energetic drums hold it all together and make it a total banger! The original track is from a guy named Bert on Beats. It's filled with energy as well but this remix from Mala Noche has a certain vibe we can’t resist.

Visible Cloaks ft. Motion Graphics – Terrazzo

Normally we stick to 5 tracks on this blog but we just couldn’t resist. Since february turns out to be the month of epic releases we thought we’d throw this one in as well. Visible Cloaks released their debut album called ‘Reassemblage’ an ambient album with very interesting soundscapes that bring you at ease, or even take you to that galaxy far away we previously wrote about. The track we selected is a perfect definition of their sound. We find it interesting to share it with you as well for producers and dj’s. Imagine all the creative geniuses getting their hands on this music: exciting! 


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