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5 Experimental Tracks You Need To Hear This Month

Summer break has begun and we are here to provide you with a soundtrack to it. Do you want to dance the night away? We've got some latin and jersey club music for you. Do you want a banger to get hyped to now that the exams are over? Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Flume, SOPHIE and Kûcka have your back. If that isn't enough we can please you with some 'dreaming at the lake' or 'having a chat by the campfire' with our new Aussie friends Crooked Colours and Flight Facilities.

Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Iwamizu & 3TOS edit)

To remix Kendrick you have to have balls. To actually pull it off, you need a pair of good ears and some real good pair of balls! Still, Iwamizu & 3TOS succeeded. With this latin beat mishmash of ‘Humble’ they created an exciting edit for the DJs to get their groove on. A steady bassline, a jazzy groove, salsa pianos and a synth poppin' in and out, #DAMN. It might not top the original but we would definitely go nuts in the club or at the local salsa bar… FYI It’s a free download!


Vince Staples – Yeah Right

The ultimate multi-celebrity-eargasm-collaboration you’ve all been waiting for! Vince Staples featuring Kûcka, SOPHIE, Flume and yes we continue our fanboy/girl moment with a feature by Kendrick Lamar! Flume and SOPHIE created the beats while Kûcka (who is known for working with Flume) spiced things up alongside Kendrick. Might there be a Flume and Kendrick collab in the future as well? In any case Vince Staples delivered us a top-notch album that is definitely worth the listen. Staples keeps you interested throughout with some creative production. He delivers a unique and futuristic sound that gets you excited. Get a taste of that excitement with this powerhouse: ‘Yeah Right’.


Crooked Colours ft. Ivan Ooze - I Hope You Get It

Frisky guitars, energetic vocals and a banger synth… The Australian band Crooked Colours released their debut-album on Sweat It Out! records earlier this month. A beautiful record that floats between the borders of electronics and indie-rock/pop.  Check the album if you want to bring up the indielover inside. Either way 'I hope you get it' is a good one to start with. The track brings us to another dimension with some help from Ivan Ooze, an Australian rapper who sounds like he was born to be on this track. Like Flume & Chet Faker have proven before, an Australian blend of indie & electronics tends to blow up huge worldwide.


Trippy Turtle - Crank Dat Fofo

This track packs more energy than 20 Duracell bunny's. Jersey club legend Trippy Turtle is known for making club edits and dressing up as a turtle when he is DJing. This month this mistery person remixed the all time classic 'Crank Dat' by Soulja Boy. A big-ass jersey kick drum and that typical 'soulja boy melody' chopped up gives you the ultimate banger to tear up the roof, I'm guessing he does it better than Lil Jon. The rumour goes that Trippy Turtle actually is the Norwegian artist Lido. Whether or not this is true we don't know but if so, we are dealing with a split-personality genius!  


Flight Facilities ft. Emma Louise - Arty Boy

We continue our Australian talent scouting with Flight Facilities & Emma Louise. Like Crooked Colours they released a track that fits quite nicely between electronics and indierock/-pop. With a dreamy guitar and smooth synths they bring you a light and catchy track that’s perfect for the start of your cocktail party. Emma Louise already scored big time with 'My Head is a Jungle' and all the remixes that came along with that track. Now you can hear her on the first Flight Facilities track in a long time. It might not be the most experimental track in this article but pushing pop music forward into a new direction is reason enough to be heard we'd say. 

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