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5 Experimental Tracks You Need To Hear This Month

March is reigned by the R&S stable with new tracks from Lone and Talaboman. Aimeri is taking care of the girl power, while Smino provides you with the much needed sexyness this spring. Do not forget to bump, hump and party with the footwork banger from Vicking. Check this month’s experimental tracks here.

Lone – Crushmood

Matt Cutler A.K.A. Lone has already released seven albums during the past ten years. He’s been known for combining hip hop grooves, frisk sounds and spacy soundscapes with a sexy club beat. His new track ‘Crushmood’ is a housetrack with a solid kick you can’t sit still to. Building upon his previous work he doesn’t disappoint. He is able to retain his identity while still innovating with cool effects and sound design. This is a preview of his upcoming EP ‘Ambivert Tools Volume One’ which will be released on R&S records.


Aimeri & Holiday Club – Missed call

Aimeri is a young Russian producer who takes care of this month’s girl power. Together with Holiday Club she created a track that brings a little spring to your eardrums: colossal synths, some horns, a fat kick and a little sunshine. This banger isn’t their first track together, so let's hope it isn't their last either. The homies from the Belgian Crown Collective made it available as a free download, enjoy!


Smino ft. Ravyn Lenae – Glass Flows

We already wrote about the singer Ravyn Lenae in a previous blogpost. Now she’s back on a track by Smino. This rapper released his debut album this month. He brings a cool mixture between hip hop, r&b and electronics. The track itself was produced by Monte Booker, a producer who released an EP on Soulection last year. With cool reversed soundscapes and smooth basslines this track is a seductive one that floats between the boundaries of our musical landscape.


Vicking Groovy– Rednose

The Belgian producer Victor Maillard has already been making quite the noise in Leuven. With an eclectic view on music he jumps from UK garage to hip hop and back. This time he placed his magic fingers on footwork. The track ‘Rednose’ was released on the Belgian Foot Juice label that is celebrating their third anniversary with a 19 track compilation of footwork music. Rednose is a dope track with catchy rhymes, cool synths and the littest bassline in town.


Talaboman – Samsa

Talaboman is the project of John Talabot and Axel Boman, two DJ-producers that joined forces and created the beautiful album ‘The Night Land’. This album is the second release from R&S records on this blog. We’ve selected the track ‘Samsa’ from the album. A combination of atmospheric recordings, whirling synths and a cosmic vibe that takes you into space, with the Berghain bouncer as pilot on your journey.

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