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5 New Belgian Hip Hop releases you shouldn’t miss

Aside from 3 big singles, we’re throwing in 2 new full albums. Enough to provide you with Belgium’s finest hip hop for the rest of the week, let’s go!


ISHA - TOSMA Feat Caballero & JeanJass

There it is, we could hear this one being performed as a preview during Roméo Elvis’ showcase on French radio station Skyrock. Isha’s clearly back with a contagious track that we’ll probably all sing along during his shows this year. We’re very sure the crowd will be looking like a bunch of pogo sticks when this one drops.


De Rand - Prisma

We were glad when we saw this one being released! De Rand were already making moves in Belgium’s rap scene lately and now they’ve finally released their first EP, which is by the way a straight banger with a serious touch of Brussels’ slang. These guys surely know what they’re worth, keep it coming guys!


Viziez - Carrousel Ft. Yizza x Astro

About a year ago Astro, Viziez and Yizza pulled off a dope session on Chase Verses. Now they’re releasing this bad boy, accompanied by hypnotizing visuals. Viziez is teasing towards an upcoming album as well so if it’s going to be the same quality as this track, we’re definitely looking forward to it.



Another step towards STIKSTOF’s upcoming album 'Overlast’ with this solo piece by Jazz. A strong lyrical track about the issues of Brussels’ street life that really makes you think and reflect while you listen to it.


Roméo Elvis - Morale 2Luxe

We reviewed this one last week but it’s still worth mentioning. Instead of just releasing a deluxe version of his album ‘Morale 2’ Roméo and Le Motel decided to throw in 10 strong tracks and a remix that might as well have been put on an entire new album. Check out the original article here.

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