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5 new Belgian hip-hop songs to blast this weekend: Barbenoirx, Cedje & more!

Every week we make a selection of Belgian hip-hop songs that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. Another new list of great tracks for when you’ve finished the albums we’ve presented to you last week. As usual, we added them to our Spotify playlist which we assume you already follow.

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Barbenoirx - Cozy (Prod. by Jim Hood)


Well, at least someone enjoyed being in another country right before lockdown. Soul’Art member Barbenoirx , who used to go by the name of Sparrow, released the music video of his solo track ‘Cozy’ in anticipation of his first EP. The video was shot in LA, with a hella catchy chorus. Nothing we can relate more to than coziness in these jogging pants drained days. Also, the editing skills and image creativity of TWNTGHT visuals are unhuman.

Cedje - 101 livesessie


Belgian hip-hop artists have to be creative these days, as their favorite video makers are probably locked in their houses as much as the artists themselves. Rotjoch, the creator of 101barz in the Netherlands, did an Instagram live and invited rappers to spit some bars for him. Our own Cedje took his chance and released the track as a music video including the screen recording of his live session. That’s what we call creative. Also, we’re sure he’ll be joining Rotjoch for a second 101barz session after this 10/10 drill track.

Rare Akuma - Gantz


At this point, we’re sure we don’t have to explain to you who Rare Akuma is. The Antwerp-based rapper came through with another track you can’t un-hear. Gantz is an ode to his favorite manga about people who have to conquer aliens. To Akuma, the aliens in the manga make him think about his demons. Depression, stress and general fear are things Akuma had to deal with in the past and this track is an ode to that period in his life.

Manzo Soul ft. Dyce - Selena


Antwerp-based rapper Manzo Soul made a love serenade for some girl called Selena and let Dyce hop on the track. Your typical hip-hop ballad with a spark of summer and a touch of Trey Songz influences. We actually like how accessible this track is to listen to. Belgian hip-hop but with a pop sound to it!

Young B - Take Over X


Young B, part of River Side Studio from Antwerp, is working on his new album. But in the meantime, he already released a corona-proof mixtape. Take Over is our favorite track of the EP, as it is everything a classic hip-hop track needs. Female adlibs on loop in the back and an old-school beat gives us J.Cole vibes. Also, B’s English accent is really good. Someone to keep an eye on.

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