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5 New Belgian Hip-Hop Tracks You Should Check Out

We’re back with your weekly update of new Belgian hip-hop tracks. This week we’re presenting debut singles from 3C1P and MVNSI, some funky beats by JTOTHEC and Kunde. And to top it off: another release from the notorious Brussels hip-hop duo Caballero & JeanJass featuring their pal Roméo Elvis.

Kunde - Brotha’s Gotta Eat

Ghent-based rapper and allround funk/hiphop/jazz musician Kunde dropped the homemade videoclip for his new single ‘Brotha’s Gotta Eat’. The funky track is about showing off your skills in order to reach your goals. “Because a brotha has got to eat you have to hone your skills to pay the bills.” Kunde invited his good friend and colleague Owen Perry Weston (who collaborated with Big Whoop, Ndugu, Coely, …) to rap along his side. The single features on Kunde’s recently released debut EP ‘From Roots to Fruits’.

3C1P - Pas de Limite (Zofilo X Omer X Jojo X Kapeta)

The Leuven-based hiphop collective 3C1P are the new kids on the block. They’re a diverse group rapping verses in Spanish, Dutch and French. They just dropped a home-produced videoclip for their catchy debut single is ‘Pas de Limite’. This band of young artists is definitely one to keep an eye on!

MVNSI - Pas Question

Belgian-Congolese rapper MVNSI released the music video for his debut single ‘Pas Question’. The visuals for this new track have a nice summery and relaxed feel to it. This vibey beat makes you look forward to the sunny days to come!

JTOTHEC - Git You Sucka

This new track by JTOTHEC will definitely get some butts moving. The music video is worth a look, too. The new song is introduced by a motivational tv-speech by Mr. T himself with a young Eleven (from Stranger Things) absorbing this new knowledge. This new track is all about confidence and getting back on your feet. Just the motivation boost you need for this week.

Caballero & JeanJass - Incroyaux ft. Roméo Elvis

The kings of Franco-Belgian hip-hop released a fresh new single ‘Incroyaux’ with beats from Dee Eye (Venlo, BERRYKRIMI). In the videoclip you see the three Brussels boys dancing, smoking and doing overall random things: at a certain point Roméo Elvis is holding a pineapple whilst rapping.

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