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5 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to start the weekend: Wawa, Darlene Fella & more

Every week, we select five new Belgian hip-hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. While Rare Akuma is still enjoying winning his first award in his music career and Blu Samu shares her new album ctrl-alt-del, we are already focussing on who might be the next upcoming talent in the business. Maybe these five?

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Darlene Fella - Motema Ya Sika


Darlene Fella is an artist from Merchtem, close to Brussels. Although she released only one song prior to this freestyle, she has a lot coming. This one and a half minute freestyle is only to set the mood for her EP, which is coming sooner than we think. Together with videomaker Quentin Isey, she put together an Instagram worthy video. And although the short track is not on Spotify or YouTube yet, we're still putting it on repeat.

Glints - Lemonade Money


Antwerps' main grime rapper Glints is back with a new track. In anticipation of his new album, he just dropped the lead single. The song is about getting by with what you have in any situation, to keep hanging in there. It's catchy, it's what we expected from Glints and it's the pep talk we all needed to get over our winter blues. The sad part is we still have to wait until March 2020 for the album, but at least we got one song to compromise.

Froze ft Joppe Tanghe - Witte Wolke


Froze, a settled name in Belgian hip-hop, is working on a new online column with Bruzz, called 'Brieven uit Brussel' (letters from Brussels). Together with those columns come four live sessions of new tracks of which this is the first one. The rapper moved from Ghent to Brussels and is now constantly working on new things, such as poetry and songs. We are fantasizing about all the good things in life while listening to this song, and waiting for the next live session.

K1D - Moodswings (prod. Chuki Beats)


K1D, who blessed us with the Havana Club album together with Darrell Cole, Krisy and Saskia a few weeks back, has now decided to bless us again with some fresh Belgian trap. Although K1D has been performing the track together with viral producer Chuki Beats, live for a while now, it's just this week that he drops the music video. For the music video, he goes on some kind of carpool karaoke with German Instagram star Uwe Baltner. Check it out for yourself in the video above!

WAWA - BUZZ (Prod. Izzy)


Wawa is a rapper from Aalst who combines French and Dutch hip-hop, uniting our country's languages in strong Belgian hip-hop. Last year he won the FunX Talent Rappers Only competition in the Netherlands and he has been grinding ever since. Signed at label Striker, just like his friend and rapper Bryan MG, he is on his way to go international. If he keeps making tracks as catchy as buzz, our expectations will only get higher.

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