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5 new Belgian hip hop tracks to start the weekend: David Jahmill, Chibi Ichigo & more!

Every week we make a selection of Belgian hip hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. This week, some new names caught our eye and we are happy to tell you that the Belgian hip hop scene keeps creating. From a Faisal and Glints collab to the newest Chibi Ichigo: here they are!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

David Jahmill - MAD MAN


Jahmill came through with a new music video, obviously edited by his right hand Noah Storms again, with the same pastel-tinted colorful vibe as his previous music video. ‘Mad Man’ is a track containing two completely different parts, which are glued together with vocals from the French news. The transition is so fluent, we had to rewind to make sure it was two completely different flows. Nice one.

FAISAL ft. Glints - Some Time Alone


Guess we can all relate to this track title pretty much these days. Too soon for a joke? DJ FAISAL just released his very first track with a featuring of Belgian hip hop/grime artist Glints on top of it. We’ve all known FAISAL for his outstanding DJ-sets, and now we are even more curious about what he’ll be making in the future. Glints was the perfect addition to this smooth and wavy beat.

Chibi Ichigo - POKA


If there’s one thing we love about Chibi Ichigo, it’s that no matter what the title of the track is, we have no goddamn clue which language to expect. English? Russian? Dutch? Poka translates as ‘bye’ in Russian, which she uses to say goodbye to the really heavy periods she struggled with in the past. She released this track on April 29th, which was also her 22nd birthday. Congratulations Chibi, with your birthday and the birth of this amazing song!

Shooga - You


This track is what we would call the perfect after-quarantine-sex melody to go down on your boo after waiting for weeks. The Brussels based up-and-coming R&B artist released his first track on April 10 and already came through with this one only fourteen days later. We feel like there might be an EP coming, and we can’t wait to check out if it’s as magically sexually tempting as this track. We’re keeping an eye on this new addition to our Belgian hip hop selection!

Scylla - Un printemps sur Mars


French-rapping artist Scylla has been using this lockdown to interact with his fans via Instagram and Facebook. He asked them for a possible song title, featuring and producer. He chose his favorites, made a song with it and that’s how ‘Un Printemps Sur Mars’ came together. Creative, mindblowing, and actually good.

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