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5 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to start the week: JWLDMS, Bounty & more!

As usual, we are back with another Belgian hip-hop list of tracks that make it to our Spotify playlist. Even though we lost all hope to have a festival filled summer, our artists are still releasing new music every other day. And to show our ultimate support, we ask every single one of you to stream and share our Belgian artists as much as possible. Because the whole industry is hurt, and they need us now more than ever.

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

JWLDMS - Growing Pains


‘Growing Pains’ is JWLDMS’ solo debut after featuring on two Darrell Cole tracks. This soulful song serves powerful vocals with the familiar bass guitar sound you find on many early 2000 songs. Lyrically, this is a Destiny’s Child inspired self-empowerment song mixed with the originality of today’s R&B and hip-hop. This summer, the singer is releasing her first album and we sincerely hope she’ll continue this line of music with a touch of emotionally deeper lyrics.

Bounty - Hopeloos Geval


Antwerp-based Bounty just released his first track of 2020, after his debut EP at the beginning of this year and a feature on Stripes’ track early April. The beat, produced by yung stealy, is demonically bouncy while Bounty is diligently proving he can properly rhyme in the Antwerp accent. For this track he let Hvddadi hop on, who hits it with the hardest lines of this ensemble.

Benz Pharaoh - DanceBenz


This trap genre is genuinely getting out of hand. Belgian hip-hop artist Benz Pharaoh just hopped on some kind of danceable house- and disco-inspired beat. If that wasn’t enough already, he also got creative with autotune to deform his voice. We hear all of you thinking “that sounds like the worst combination ever”, but we really appreciate the creativity that was put in the process of creating this track!

Bros Bros ft. Kriticos - Fall in Love


Contemporary electronic producer Bros Bros just released this track together with Kriticos, and it’s the perfect Open Air summer track. We feel like this track is highly influenced by Rejjie Snow, spreading a very positive message due to the cheerful beat. We definitely fell in love with the combination of these two artists.

4our9ine ft Grizmo - Warzone (Prod. by Faceless)


This song is the definition of how to collab properly without the issues of language differences. 4our9ine’s Dutch lines combined with Grizmo’s, who is from Limburg, English grime on a very drill inspired beat by producer Faceless. Onbeskoft made that happen, and we are here for it. This sinister track shows how to be creative in multiple languages, something the Belgian hip-hop scene needs.

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