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5 Belgian hip hop tracks to check out: Krisy, Rian Snoeks & more

As we have stated in our previous article, we took a little summer break before serving freshly cooked tracks again. Which means we now go back in Belgian hip hop history a few times, to keep you up to date with what happened the past few months. So next to the usual new tracks, there will be some from past summer months which we could not forget about. Also, if you didn’t already, go follow our Spotify playlist to find the best selection of Belgian hip hop.

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Krisy - Bounce for A COLORS SHOW


Okay, we absolutely fucking love A COLORS SHOW, and having a Belgian rapper on there is always a milestone. So here’s Brussels born and raised creative Krisy, who started LeJeune collective back in 2018 and can now say he has been on A COLORS SHOW twice. Bounce is a catchy, French track in which he shouts out his hometown and asks if we are ready for him. Well Krisy, we are.

Rian Snoeks - Snelle Jelle


This young kid from Pelt in Limburg has been showing off a lot lately. After being part of De Nieuwe Lichting from Studio Brussel, he released his first album ‘Ondanks Alles’ and got together with EA Creative and Anders for his latest track Snelle Jelle. The honesty in his lyrics is what’s so intriguing about the kid. Should we call him a rapper, or should we just say a poet?

Dikke - Tabaka


Dikke just signed to TopNotch Belgium, and this is his first release under his new label and management. Dikke is a new name in our playlist, one that surprises. He makes us think of Dutch rapper Lijpe, which would make a great musical collaboration in the future. And as both rappers are signed under TopNotch, this shouldn’t be an unreachable dream.

Zwangere Guy - 1 uit de 1000


If a new Zwangere Guy drops, we can not not cover it. We shouldn’t have to introduce this guy anymore, but for the new ones in here: he is probably one of the biggest Brussels born rappers of all time and Brutaal was a masterpiece. So, here’s a new track and music video by the guy who calls out politicians, curses more than he talks and calls himself pregnant. You are welcome.

Damso ft. Hamza - BXL ZOO


What we all needed during a pandemic was a new Damso album and he gave it to us. Qalf released last week and this track with a feature of Hamza is exactly why we are so fucking excited about Belgian hip hop. Both names are probably the biggest French rapping names of our scene, minding they both killed this track and we can’t even choose a favorite part. So enjoy this one until our selection in two weeks. *mic drop*

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