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5 new Belgian hip hop tracks to check out: Lyna, Dikke, and more!

Our first selection of Belgian hip hop 2021 is officially here and we hope you’ve been looking forward to it. Last week, we spotlighted some Belgian women who deserve more musical recognition in 2021. And this week, we are happy to announce that one of those women already made our first selection. We have some freshly cooked tracks for you guys to add to our wonderful Spotify playlist.

Article by Yaell Monas

Lyna - Shine Like Me


Ugh, we have been saying it for such a long time already but Lyna is one of our top female artists at the moment. Whatever it is she makes, it feels like being in a club, ready to shake some ass. Boss lady music with a capital letter. Sing-a-long in the car feeling bad as a motherf*cking b*tch. It is Destiny’s Child's ‘Survivor’ energy.

Dikke - 130 Kilo


Topnotch signed Dikke last year and he has been on our radar ever since. The artist came way too hard from the start, so cooling down isn’t exactly on his to-do list. Even 101Barz caught his talent, as they officially announced him as their talent of the month. With an album released today, there’s only one thing to say. Dikke has been living the fast life, and we’re just trying to keep up. His fans will also be glad to hear he will be releasing a merch collection with skate shop Push in Hasselt, doing a coronaproof meet and greet in the store this Saturday.

Rian Snoeks - COOL KIDS (prod. Anders)


After being part of De Nieuwe Lichting (Studio Brussel) and as a member of the Goeie Jongens hip hop collective, Snoeks has been an established artist in the Belgian hip hop scene. Every time he releases a track, it is not only exceptionally popular in Limburg, but in the complete country. This song is about group pressure and released in multiple schools in Limburg. Together with Overleg Jongerenwelzijn he created this track to give a voice to the kids who get pushed to be another version of themselves. Because it is cooler to be yourself, than to be one of the cool kids.

Frenetik - Jeu de Couleurs


In October 2020, Frenetik was asked by Colors Berlin to do a live version of his track Desordre. After that, things quickly went from à Brussels rapper to thé Brussels rapper. The artist is the number one to look out for in Belgian hip hop, so that means this album is exactly what we all needed to survive the first weeks of a year that seems to be as freaky as the past one. And that says a lot.

YG Pablo - VEDA


We talked about AVM/DM last year, for the masterpiece it is (and still is). So why would we not talk about YG Pablo’s latest project VEDA? Even though he started off as a basketball player, with a scholarship in the United States, he now is thé name on our list to keep eyes on in 2021. The Brussels’ rapper took his time for this project, and we love that.

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