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5 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to check out: Roedel, Rare Akuma & more

Every week, we select five new Belgian hip-hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be featured next week. This list contains some of the settled Belgian hip-hop names, and we are living for what they released. The usage of artistic freedom is clearly high this week. Let's go!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas and Ashley Okwuego, header picture by Timo Vergauwen

Rare Akuma ft. Braxton Knight - Vertigo32


Akuma is back with a brand new single 'Vertigo32'. The song features his 'Midnight Society' brother, Braxton Knight from LA. The Midnight Society is a collective founded in 2015, and currently consists of 23 members from all over the world. Akuma is representing Midnight Society Belgium. And even though you might not be familiar with this collective, their music has subtly trickled into the underground scene for the last couple of years.

Roedel - Het Spijt Me


Ugh, Roedel did that! The perfect Sunday afternoon hip-hop track, with a high let's-chill-with-vinyl-playing level of producing. Ever seen anyone selling drugs out of an icecream van? Or maybe steal a bike under a bridge, while the other part of the gang is digging a grave or robbing a night shop? Damn boys, the growth in your lyrics and artistic skills is amazing. We're so not sorry for sharing this. This is good!

Wavey Vayn & Inside - DCNF


Wavey Vayn dove into the studio with French artist Inside to make this classic RnB song, inspired by artists such as The Weeknd. Vayn is signed with young label 'Anders Media', together with co-artists Loyk and Ian Thomas. They have been doing some amazing musical projects in the past, and are now on their way to travel the borders and put their stamp on Belgium's neighboring countries!

Martha Da'ro - Fool


Uhm Martha, what the fuck? A phone visual video made by Yaqine Hamzaoui (who won the RBEA19 for best nightlife photographer, congrats!), a song produced by Ashley Morgan and one of our favorite Belgian artists on the vocals? We are L O V I N G this. The vibe, the visuals, the voice. We don't even know what we should expect from her in the future, can she grow any more artistically? We are literally dying for this.

BRINGHIM ft. Frank - Dogzilla


Bringhim is back! He just released his new EP called 'HTTP' and decided to immediately drop a music video with it. The artist featured Lil Skid, K1D, Cm2 and Willem Pape on his new EP. With that, he supports collaborations in the Belgian hip-hop scene, which we can only applaud!

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