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5 new Belgian hip-hop tracks to check out: Soufiane Eddyani, Bounty & more

Every week, we select five new Belgian hip-hop bangers that somehow caught our attention. Keep sending us new tracks or EP releases via, and maybe your name will be on the list next Friday. We are still going strong in 2020 and none of our Belgian hip-hop artists are lacking either. Here's our second selection of the year. Let's go!

Article and selection by Yaell Monas

Soufiane Eddyani - Eén Kans


Former kickboxer Soufiane Eddyani from Antwerp released a new music video and single to start off 2020. The Antwerp born and raised rapper has made a big name for himself, being embraced by Belgium and The Netherlands for his rapping skills and combination of different languages in his lyrics. In'Eén Kans' he praises the chances he got and took, to become as famous as he is today. A thank you to the Belgian hip-hop music industry, himself and everyone who supported him.

BOUNTY - Die Ene Tape


Antwerp based rapper BOUNTY is part of the +32 crew. After dropping two singles in 2019, he started off 2020 with a first and full EP. On 'Die Ene Tape' BOUNTY shows his talent and makes sure the world is ready for him to breakthrough. Although he already has a very steady fanbase in his hometown.

Al Merai - Small City Boyz


Very fresh and new name in the Belgian hip-hop scene. With only two singles out, he might be someone to keep an eye on. His favourite part of rap is the fact that he can tell stories with his lyrics, exactly what he does in 'Small City Boys'. The mellow beat combined with heavy weighted words screams talent.

Lefwerk - Lefwerk EP


Ah, Flemish rap. Something we don't come across that often anymore. Lefwerk are two brothers from the East-Flanders countryside, collected some memories in the bigger cities and went back to the middle of nowhere to write them down on their 'Lefwerk EP'. Writing twisted lyrics while producing dark beats definitely works when you're chilling in between the cows of Wetteren. Nice.

Népal - Adios Bahamas EP


Népals' second and last album, 'Adios Bahamas', released just today. The rapper, who is originally from Paris but stayed in Belgium a lot, past away in November last year. One day before his passing, he announced this album was coming. The cause of his death is still unknown, but he sure was a French rapping talent. Enjoy his posthumous album even more as a dedication to someone who left us way too soon.

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