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5 New Belgian Hip-Hop tracks to check out

Need some fresh heat to play for your friends? No worries, we got you! This week we’re serving new Belgian hip-hop cooked up by Coely, Woodie Smalls, Blu Samu, WAWA & New ATL.

Coely - Hush

Last week we got to enjoy Coely’s feature on DVTCH NORRIS' latest single. This week she presents her new video for ‘Hush’. A soundtrack for the movie ‘Tueurs’.

Woodie Smalls - Too Soft

Woodie Smalls comes with a crazy fully animated video clip. Realised by the Gent based animation and video production company Alph Studios. Purple vibes all day!

Blu Samu - Sade Blu

It’s been seven months since Blu Samu shared ‘I Run (Prod. Luie Louis)’ with the world. It was an instant hit and is closing in on 170.000 views on YouTube. Will ‘Sade Blu’ follow in its footsteps? We’re pretty sure of it!

WAWA - Mon Temps

WAWA was on a big streak. Releasing loads of material like ‘Lange Vinger’, ‘Centen’, ‘Getallen’ and his ‘Hoe Komt Dat’ freestyle. He’s been quiet for a while but now he’s breaking the silence with ‘Mon Temps’.

New ATL - Same Lil Squad

New ATL has been chilling with the same lil squad since day one. If you play this one once you won’t be able to get the catchy hook out of your head.

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