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5 New Belgian Hip-Hop Tracks to check out

The weather might be heating up but the Belgian Hip-Hop scene ain't slowing down. Find out about the latest tracks from Sham x Berry, SCYLLA & Sofiane Pamart, Ronny Huanna & Brak. Also on the list the debut of Chibi Ichigo, who's a regular content contributor to the Chase community.

Chibi Ichigo - Russian snow (Русский снег)

Most of the tracks coming out of our small country are either in Dutch, French or English but not this one. Chase member Chibi Ichigo's debut track 'Russian snow' is a mellow song with Russian vocals mixed with some dutch verses. If you don't understand Russian, no need to worry as subtitles are available!


Six 'o clock gang members Sham and Berry made a collaborative 420 themed EP. Berry raps in Dutch and Sham raps in French. 100% Bxl!

SCYLLA & Sofiane Pamart - L'enfant et la mer

Scylla is one of the Brussels rap game OG's. He's known for tracks like 'BX Vibes' and his aggressive delivery. But lately, he's been collaborating a lot with pianist Sofiane Pamart. A unique and deep vibe!

RonnyHuana - Irrelevant

RonnyHuana is one of the most active and consistent underground artists in Belgium. In 'Irrelevant' he's spitting some dark and deep shit over his own melancholic production.


Kreativ presents the third Snelle Jelle session. This time with BRAK on another crazy RonnyHuana instrumental.

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