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5 new Belgian Hip-Hop tracks you don’t want to miss

It seems like it’s about time to hit you guys with a new update of some fresh, flaming Belgian hip-hop tracks. Get ready, because we proudly present you 5 rockets to blast through your oldskool stereo towers.


Hakim x Scottie x Cloos - Pussycat

Listen and watch Hakim, Scottie and Cloos do their thing in their super tight clip for this collab called Pussycat. Dark hip-hop with a hint of grime and a hard punch, turn up the volume please! Catch them live during the Eigen Makelij Volume 9 release in Trix on December 15th.


Woodie Smalls - Problems

Woodie Smalls is here to brighten up the dark winter days. Lay back and relax. Take a drink and enjoy these vibes that make you feel like summer is right around the corner.


Pepe - Hebben Te Laat

Young Antwerp rapper Pepe shows his emotional side on his new track about one of his homies who’s locked up behind bars. Pepe’s not afraid to rap about his feelings of remorse, hope, loneliness and true friendship.


Darrell Cole - Outta Control

After bringing out B.O.A.T.S. earlier this year, Darrell Cole is back with this smooth track. Make sure you also check out yet another one of his cool videos, which has a very neat, old school Super 8mm feel to it.


WANWHo x Flovana - Temporary

Last but not least, WANWHo is here with a new one. This blasting raw track called 'Temporary' is in collab with his buddy Flovana and produced by social-artistic platform Violencia. It’s fresh, it’s out there and we sure hope it ain’t temporary.

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