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5 new Belgian Hip-Hop tracks you don’t want to miss

We hope you had an amazing Christmas, we know we did! However, we still have some presents for you to unwrap that didn't make it under your christmas tree. 5 new amazing sounds that have: 'Belgium is the bombdiggity' written all over them.


Freddie King - SBMG Droptop (Remix)

Freddie King is one of the few Belgian rappers who has actually made it to 101Barz in The Netherlands. Honestly, we can all see why. He just dropped his album Strakke Plan, so if you don't know how to spend your holiday, go stream that ish right here.


Vinci - Vitruvius

Vinci is new to the scene, but that doesn't mean he sounds new. On this Wits beat that could litteraly walk into a store and rob it, he proves that a strong flow on a dope beat is all you need to make moves. Damn son!


Rewind x Vinci x Zofilo - 'EU' 

You might remember Rewind Productions from when they were killing the stage in Humo's Rock Rally and came in second. Now they're back and they've grown even further. Vinci drops a feat on this track, so he must be doing something right to be in this list twice!


FiveAM - Alcoholic (prod. by iRRi) 

It's been a bit quiet around FiveAM lately, but we're glad to finally hear this guy at it again. During this festive holiday season, this track hits very close to home. Something chill and laidback with a core of introspection seems to be just wat the doctor ordered.


MC Rizz - Wudder (Feat MC Equal)

After watching from the sidelines for a very long time, MC Rizz decided about a year ago that he was done watching and was going to start doing. The proof is in the pudding, because his very first video seems to be catching on quite well. Let's see what this dope MC has in store for us in the future.


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