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Five fresh clubs in Ghent to discover

You’ve already explored every café in the Overpoort of Ghent? The bouncer at Charlatan already knows your name? The barman from Sioux spontaneously makes your favourite cocktail when he sees you? Maybe it’s time for you to discover some new clubs in Ghent! The past year, a lot of new clubs and fresh concepts popped up. Get to know the new clubs in Ghent to shake your asses.

Article by Isabel Meyvis

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The team behind KERK, NEST (the old Ghentian library) and Bar Wilson found a new place to unleash their creativity: Amigo - Know your ABCD: Amigos, Bar, Coffee & Disco. This place presents tasty food and nice drinks with music as a common thread. Everyone is welcome! You can enjoy a fancy dinner upstairs, afterwards a cosy club is waiting for you souterrain.

This basement is a place where you can dance the night away in a relaxed atmosphere. From 80’s funk to the harder pounding techno music, Amigo focusses on quality and not quantity. They open the doors to the basement once a week on Friday or Saturday, keep an eye on their Facebook page for the events. Again, the entrance depends on the party, sometimes it’s free but the normal fee is around € 5.

Open since: October 2018
Opening hours:
Monday and Sunday: closed
Tuesday and Wednesday: 11am - 1am
Thursday and Friday: 11am - 3am
Saturday: 6pm - 3am

Of course, a party on a Friday or Saturday night might last a lot longer than 3am ;-)


This dark basement in the city centre near the Korenmarkt was once called Tijuana. After several renovations, the new owners named it A.M. Club. These initials do not only refer to the early party hours and the names of the owners, but also to Arctic Monkeys. Both men are a big fan of this indie rock band.

They want to present diverse genres and different people with their returning concepts: Date With The Night (indie and rock 'n' roll), Cindy (80’s music), Pop the Glock, Fleetwood Mac disco, A.M. club nights, Love Boat and even a queer party FETCH.

The entrance fee depends on the party, sometimes it’s free but the normal fee is around € 5. Juicy detail: you have no phone signal in the main part of the club, so talk to the sexy people around you!
Open since: October 2018
Opening hours:
Thursday - Saturday open from 11pm - 6am


MTM group is conquering Ghent successfully in no time. The group already owns club Millie Vanillie, apéro and late night bar Mòris, event location and weekend bar Ray and the Krook-café, multifunctional food bar from the city library. CLUB WIT is the clubbing area from ZWARTWIT, a multifunctional event space accompanied by a restaurant (ZWART).

The venue is not too big nor too small and has an excellent sound system. You can rent this place, but they also host their own parties as Club WIT. Club WIT is open for everything, there are no restrictions music wise. They opened with a bang in February 2019 with DJ Faisal amongst others. Funky disco, urban and house are the main music genres for the upcoming parties.

The entrance fee swings between €5 and €15. This place covers a totally new area of Ghent, far away from the city centre. It’s situated near the Ghelamco Arena, close to the motorway exits and last year's "Best Club of Belgium" Kompass.
Open since: February 2019
Opening hours:
ZWART: every weekday from 8 am - 5 pm

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Bar Broos replaces the old ‘Café Video’ on the Oude Beestenmarkt in Ghent. Café Video was a fixed value in Gent for 18 years, so Lowie Coolsaet was convinced it was necessary to fill this empty spot.

Together with his dad, he now runs Bar Broos. His dad opens the café during the day and Lowie is present at night. In this way, they are able to serve the people from the first to the last pint. Lowie is a familiar face in the clubs in Ghent! He plays in several bands and DJ’s regularly in the infamous club Charlatan. He received a lot of support and help from this club.

You can come to this cosy bar to check local talent and upcoming bands, but also shake and dance until the early hours. The entrance is completely free and the DJ’s are funky!

Open since: July 2018
Opening hours:
Tuesday & Thursday from 8pm - 1am
Friday & Saturday from 8pm - 5am
(during the summer season the hours will change)



Abacho was a blooming basement in the heart of Ghent from 2008 until 2013. Everything was going fluently because their neighbours were students. Now, the buildings next to Abacho are new apartments and whatever they did for isolation, the neighbours were not very happy about it.

In April 2018, the club opened again as a ‘silent disco’. The concept of silent disco parties is starting to get generally acknowledged, but this club is the first permanent silent disco club in Belgium! The entrance fee is always €5, but 2 drinks and the use of a headphone is included in this.

Once you enter this very hot basement, you can set your headphone to blue, red or green. Every colour represents a different music channel, so it’s possible that your friends are listening to 90s RnB while you are screaming along to Lady Gaga. Try putting your headphone off when the DJ plays an extreme singalong song: hilarious!
Open since: April 2018
Opening hours: Friday & Saturday from 10pm till 5am

What type of club is still missing in the Ghent nightlife? Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook or Instagram!

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