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6 Nigerian photographers you’ll be mad you didn’t know about

One of our current interns is April Dokpesi who came over from Nigeria to follow our Digital Storytelling Postgraduate at KASK. April's a graphic designer/video maker and pointed out Nigeria is currently overflowing with young talented digital creatives. We're always curious about what's going on in other parts of the world, so we asked her to select 5 of the most influential Nigerian photographers on Instagram. You can find her list below. Go ahead and give these creatives a follow!

Selection by April Dokpesi, headerpicture by Oluwaseyi Akinlade

UAX - @ua.x

Oluwaseyi Akinlade is a photographer and director born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is widely known for his use of colours and props to tell a story. Although he now spends most of his time in Toronto, Canada, he remains connected to the Nigerian tradition and style. His sweet desire to showcase Nigerian culture and youth through his lenses is why he made it to this list!

TSE - @___tse

Thompson Samuel Ekong is the man currently shaping the creative scene in Nigeria. He calls himself "the chosen one", and is far ahead of his time in terms of style and versatility. His futuristic nature allows him to explore concepts that don't even exist yet. He has formed his own genre by exploring fashion, futuristic and traditional Nigerian photography.

TAYO AINA - @tayoainafilms

Tayo Aina is currently one of the biggest names in Nigeria when it comes to documentary, street, and travel photography and videography. Through his work, he tries to convey the reality and beauty of life. He has a strong passion for adventure and an even stronger bond with stories and the different ways to tell them. You can head over to his YouTube channel TayoAinaFilms for filmmaking content and tutorials!

MOHAMMED AGBADI - @mohammedawwall

This list would be incomplete without the talented Mohammed Agbadi. He is a photographer, cinematographer and comic book artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. On his account, you’ll find moody shots, motivational posts and general content that makes you want to explore Nigeria and Africa in general. If you have an eye or a love for travel and adventure - this account is for you.

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@leo_jonah #AR.Always

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ANNY ROBERT - @anny_robert

Anny Robert is a portrait photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Anny started his creative journey as a graphic designer, then he willingly drifted into photography. His style is clean, elegant, and unique. He is a free spirit and is relentless in telling his stories.

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lost boys...

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ANDIKAN - @andikan_

Andikan is a fashion, lifestyle, portrait and concert photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Andikan likes to mix up his shots, his style keeps evolving, he flourishes at live events and loves exploring different aesthetics. Andikan's unpredictability is why he made this list.

The photography community in Nigeria is definitely worth exploring! Do you have any favourite Nigerian photographers of your own? Feel free to share them with us. We’re always on the lookout for brilliant creatives and inspirational image-makers.

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