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5 Old Skool Fashion Trends of This Summer

​Summer is still here, so let’s have a closer look at the fashion trends of the moment. While some trends disappear as fast as they come, others appear to be timeless. We made a small list of five old - but golden - fashion trends, which have found their way back to our summer closet.

Words, pictures and styling by Trudy Kazangu


The Fifties

Polka dots have been around since the twenties but it wasn't until Marilyn Monroe was pictured wearing a polka dot bikini in 1951 that they became increasingly popular. This summer you can rock polka dots on skirts, dresses, trousers, socks, jackets and any other piece of clothing you can think of.


The Sixties

You can’t bring up the sixties without thinking of hippies and the flower power fashion at Woodstock. Maxi dresses with flower patterns are the must-haves this summer. They are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Many shops offer plenty of clothes embroidered or printed with flowers, as well as collared shirt dresses. A mini dress is fit for every occasion and is easily combinable with any pair of shoes. Dare to wear them with a nice pair of sneakers for an urban chic look.


The Seventies

Denim and suede were essential fabrics in seventies fashion and are a must have this summer. You can choose to go for a simple denim jacket or a whole denim jumpsuit, just because you can! The A-line mini skirt in faux suede should also not be forgotten this summer. If you’re opting for a disco look try the white boots to stunt on them!


The Nineties

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered whether you were looking at a new picture or one from the early 90s? Well, this has definitely happened to us. It looks like nowadays everything is about high waists, street wear and vintage accessories. Even the 90s haircuts are coming back. We can only say that we love it!



There are nothing like accessories to finish up your look. So go ahead and opt for a belt, some jewelry, a scarf and even a pair of glasses to spice up your look.

So which of these summer trends do you prefer? Would you prefer reliving the 50s or 70s? Or are you more of a nineties kid? Whatever your preference, choosing one of these styles will definitely help you rock this summer.

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