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5 Reasons Why Chance the Rapper Deserves to Win a Grammy Award

Last week we wrote about Chance the Rapper being one of the nominees for the 59th edition of the Grammy’s. He has been nominated for a whopping seven categories, including the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. We believe 'Coloring Book' should win this award, and here are five reasons why. Igh, Igh, Igh, Igh, for my real fans!

Chance the Rapper refuses to sign with a record label
On the single 'No Problem' he raps "If one more label try to stop me/It's gon' be some dread-head niggas in your lobby". Enough said. He released all of his music for free, only making money from performing and merchandise sales.

Kanye’s biggest fan
Chance the Rapper literally calls himself Kanye’s biggest fan. Although this song is not a part of 'Coloring Book', Chance the Rapper was closely involved in the creation of Kanye West’s 'The Life of Pablo'. This led to the gospel-influenced 'Ultralight Beam', in which Chance features with one of his strongest verses yet.

Music is all we got
Kanye West returned the favor by featuring on 'Coloring Book', which resulted in the opening track 'All we Got'. During his concert at Poppodium, Tilburg earlier this year he offered insight on what the track meant to him: "A lot of countries across the world didn't give a shit about black people. All we had for a long time was gospel. Music is all we got, so we might as well give it all we got". Powerful!​

Chicago, murder capital of America
Chance the Rapper grew up in Chatham, Chicago. The city is known for the numerous shootings which tend to peak in the summer. In 'Summer Friends' he raps about how the people of Chicago miss their old friends who got killed in the summer and how he wants things to change.​

Hip hop with a clear presence of Gospel
Coloring Book' is a Gospel-influenced Hip Hop album, and 'Blessings' is a clear testament of this notion. Chance the Rapper is a firm believer in God, thanks his success and happiness to Him, and encourages us to do the same. Even if you are not a believer in God, 'Coloring Book' inspires you to stay positive in life.

Chance the Rapper's nomination is historical. Click here to know why!
If you haven't heard 'Coloring Book' yet, you can listen to it in full right here.

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