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5 Soulful, Jazzy & Hip Hop Artists From the UK For 2017

As we enter a brand new year, be sure to infuse yourself with some of the gems we have on our radar over in the UK from our underground scene, call it - self-love! Erica McKoy - our new London based writer - pulled together something a little soulful, jazz influenced and hip hop driven for you to kick start your new year.

Here’s five UK artists, that are questioning, creating and innovating within the industry. The types of people who are moving against the current and will no doubt be bringing us something nourishing in 2017. They’re golden.



With smooth and warm toned vocals we get completely lost when Kwakes is singing. We caught him first at his first gig in Brixton, when he jumped up on stage to sing at an open mic called Space Rhyme Continuum (a monthly night held by hip hop/jazz band, SumoChief). The audience was completely blown away by his vocal range on the night and his freestyling abilities. We’re excited to see what’s coming up for him in the future.



Noise. We definitely don’t need any noise as we enter a brand new year, but we do need conscious productions, the sort that will elevate you. Let me introduce you to the producer, and visual artist, Komikamo and his debut EP, ‘Noise’. Whether you need music to chill to after a long day, or something to take you on a commute, or perhaps you need a tune to get ready to on a Friday night, it’s an EP that holds personality. It’s that mellow, jazzy, hip hop groove that holds up as a perfect soundtrack to your 2017.




London based hip hop and jazz band, recently released an EP called SumoTreats, which came off the back of a project they released, two years ago on Lunatick Records, called SumoBeats. With all members of the band being active members of bands, collectives and other ensembles across London, they all bring their individual style and sound to SumoChief. They are definitely one to watch.  



Now, there isn’t much out from this south east London based singer/producer duo - yet. But we suspect there will be in 2017. We are just getting you ready for them. We get the productions of Tile Gichigi, better known as DVo, layered with the ethereal voice of poet and singer Andrea Phillips also know as ‘And Is Phi’. When the two come together, we get this perfect blend. It's soul, it's R&B, it's jazz.


Brother Portrait

We received ‘navigate in: limbo’ at the end of 2016, and we wish to enjoy the wave that it took us on. It was the perfect gift to end the year. So, if you just give us a moment.

Brother Portrait, is a poet we came across a couple of years ago at an open mic, after that we didn’t hear much of his stuff until 2015, when we got a little more of his creativity when Black/Other released music. Now, he’s back with a solo project. He has a style that is memorable - memorable for all the right reasons, so we where verry happy to come back into contact with his work at the end of 2016.

‘navigate in: limbo’ is a mixtape that explores the narrative of being a black man adventuring through his Sierra Leonean heritage and his black British culture. When we received “Seeview/Rearview”, we all knew that we ought to be ready for whatever project Brother Portrait had for us. We’re looking forward to what he has coming up later in the year.

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