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5 clothing brands that are both fashionable and sustainable

Organizations all over the world are taking action in the battle against plastic waste, pollution and unfair working conditions. Finding fashionable sustainable clothing is often still a challenge. Luckily, some fashion labels are finally stepping up their game.

We selected 5 clothing brands that not only look good, but also make you feel good about your ecological and social impact. We bet they’ll make you want to ditch your current shopping habits immediately.

Photo via FISCH


The Italy-based swimwear brand FISCH works with a fabric made from fishing nets. Back in the day, fishing nets used to be biodegradable, but today's plastic nets keep dwelling in our oceans. The brand doesn't use plastic either, as they want their swimwear to be 100% made out of recycled materials.

Photo via Papita


PAPITA makes sustainable, fair(trade) and vegan clothing. The Dutch label proves that fair fashion can look just as good as regular clothes. Their collection ranges form skirts, tops and trousers to jewellery, bags and scarfs.

Photo via Maium


The stylish raincoats by Maium are made from recycled plastic bottles. The innovative brand exclusively produces raincoats and they come in nine different colors. You can easily change the coat into a poncho, so it'll keep you dry when you're riding your bike as well!

Photo via KnowledgeApparel

KnowledgeCotton Apparel

This eco-minded clothing brand is sustainable on many levels. The brand works with sustainable materials, cares for the people working for them and is trying to become a carbon neutral company. And the best thing? Their clothes look just like those from your regular fashion chain.

Photo via Outerknown


Another fashion brand using recycled fishing nets is Outerknown. The label was launched by surfer legend Kelly Slater. The designs are a 100% recyclable and made out of the plastic waste that's polluting our oceans.

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