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5 sustainable shoe brands that don’t kill your style

Sustainable footwear has a bad rep when it comes to looking stylish. It can easily look like a DIY macrame project gone wrong. These five sustainable shoe brands proof that you don't have to sacrifice your style in order to be good to animals, people and the planet.

Article by Jana Frambach, headerpicture by Rombaut

sustainable shoe brands
Lars Hauschildt


Vegan, sustainable ánd zero waste? Another reason to love the Scandinavians. With its AXIONN MESH PWR55 sneaker, ARKK Copenhagen shows us the future of footwear. Every shoe is the embodiment of Danish design,' where timeless forms meet everyday functionality'. Read: With their Nordic-inspired colorways, these sustainable shoes look good and feel even better.

The master brains behind ARKK are Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl. These lifelong friends decided to reinvent the sneaker. They simplified the design, making it more clean without overlooking the details. All the non-leather shoes are vegan and the company strives to be as sustainable as possible. Every shoe is made by hand and the PWR55's sole is even made in a zero-waste process.

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Koi Footwear

Koi Footwear's aim is simple: making cool vegan sustainable shoes. If their customers want it, they make it happen. Koi keeps an eye on the catwalk and offers a vegan version asap. Knowing the real influence nowadays doesn't come from the catwalk, but from the street and Instagram, Koi also does some amazing collabs to keep their collection looking fresh.

Dr. Martens

It's nice to see all these new sustainable shoe brands pop up, but what would we do without our classics? Luckily Dr. Martens, the ultimate shoe icon, went (partially) vegan. As of now, the website features 21 vegan styles. This means you can now buy the classic 1460, without having to buy real leather. Dr. Martens made the boot in 100% vegan synthetic material. The world renowned air-cushioned sole on the bottom of all Dr. Martens shoes has been altered and is now completely vegan. You can recognise the vegan version by the yellow heel-loop.



Mats Rombaut is a Belgian designer based in Paris. In January he made the world a better place by presenting his 2019 collection in a genius 80's infomercial. ROMBAUT develops plant-based materials and is determined to protect the bio-diversity in our environment. You'd never have guessed that these muted coloured sneakers and sandals were made out of stone, tree bark and coconuts. Not intrigued yet by his designs? You should check out his cowboy boot add-on for sneakers.

Arrels Barcelona

Arrels Barcelona

Sneakers for a world without prejudice. That is exactly what these vegan, cruelty free and sustainable shoes are. Optimism is at the core of the design. Because of this, the slogan YES OKAY is on the sole of every shoe. It is a way of thanking the world we are walking on every day. French artist Malika Favre collaborated with Arrels to overcome prejudice in this world. She designed a print that shows people of all genders kissing whoever they love. The sneakers are available for pre-order through Kickstarter.

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